Madonna and Sam Smith Released New Song Vulgar.

The song "Vulgar" represents Madonna's second recent collaboration with a different musical legend.

Published: June 10th, 2023 4:22 am | Updated: June 10, 2023 4:22 am

Sam Smith and Madonna have created a new dance floor song that is bold, daring, and uncompromising.

Music industry heavyweights Sam Smith and Madonna have ignited the music landscape with their dazzling duet, “Vulgar,” demonstrating their s*xual talent.

The song, released on Friday, shows both artists expressing their sensuality via arresting lyrics. The song, which clocks in at little over two minutes, screams “club anthem” while simultaneously sending a powerful message of allyship and defiance in the face of their detractors.

Even more provocative are the lyrics, which include a line from Madonna that reads, “If you fuck with Sam tonight, you’re fucking with me, So watch what you say, or I’ll split your banana.”

In the lead-up to their fourth album Gloria, Smith had come under fire for employing demonic images in their concerts and expressing their s*xuality, much as Madonna had done throughout her career.

The partnership was inevitable from the minute Madonna spoke out in support of Smith. In reality, Smith has admitted in a recent Instagram post that they did indeed work with Madonna the day after the Grammys.

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Here Is More About Sam Smith and Madonna Song Vulgar.

Now that “Vulgar” is out, it’s a feast. Two of the most despised mainstream musicians rant about not caring what the detractors have to say over a pounding beat.

Smith has had to put up with trolls and right-wing commentators who want to shame them for embracing their bodies, their s*xuality, and their queerness throughout the past year. They are giving the middle finger the “Vulgar” treatment.

When Madonna introduced the Lay Me Down singer’s performance of Unholy with Kim Petras at the awards presentation, Sam and the Queen of Pop first interacted.

Infusing the song with Madonna’s trademark self-referential phrases that lend a lovely touch of humor, “Vulgar” takes a new and creative course while preserving a thematic link to the singer’s inspiring statement.

Along with her endeavors, Madonna has been actively working with renowned musicians, making a lasting impression on the modern music scene.

Collaborations with The Weeknd, Christine, and the Queens are notable examples of partnerships demonstrating Madonna’s influence and capacity for self-reinvention.

When they revealed the track last week, the pair provided fresh branding for their collaboration, restyling their names as S&M.

On her TikTok profile, Madonna also gave fans a sneak peek at the song by posting a video of herself singing along to one of the lyrics while wearing fishnets and a cross necklace.

The song “Vulgar” represents Madonna’s second recent collaboration with a different musical legend. She collaborated with The Weeknd and Playboi Carti on the theme “Popular” just before the release of the song she wrote with Sam Smith.