Jana Kramer Is Expecting Her First Child With Her Fiance Allan Russell.

Jana Kramer and her new fiancé Allan Russell are expecting their first child. The actor and singer from the country genre revealed her pregnancy on…

Published: June 10th, 2023 3:22 am | Updated: June 10, 2023 3:22 am

Jana Kramer and her new fiancé Allan Russell are expecting their first child. The actor and singer from the country genre revealed her pregnancy on Instagram on Thursday, writing that she is “beyond blessed and grateful for this baby to be a part of our story.”

Along with her ex-husband, former NFL star Mike Caussin, Kramer also has a 7-year-old daughter named Jolie and a 4-year-old son named Jace. A 16-year-old son and a stepdaughter are Russell’s children.

According to People, Jana Kramer, 39, and Russell, 42, who met on a dating app and had been dating for six months, got engaged in late May. Russell, a Scot who played professional football before transitioning into coaching, also posted the pregnancy announcement on Instagram on Thursday.

Kramer has had heartbreaking losses, leading her to question if she could have another child. However, the singer is overjoyed that a new baby is coming. Daughter Jolie, 7, and son Jace, 4, are the children of the former spouse.

Russell and his ex-wife, with whom he was married for 11 years, have a son, according to information provided by Kramer on her Whine Down podcast. He also has a close relationship with his adult stepdaughter and visits both of them in London once a month.

In May, the former One Tree Hill actress publicly engaged to Russell on a Whine Down With Jana Kramer podcast episode.

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Here Is What More Jana Kramer Says About Expecting Her First Child.

Jana Kramer
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During the podcast broadcast, Kramer remarked, “I’ve got an announcement today. “Allan asked me to marry him after dating me for six and a half months.” After six years of marriage, Kramer and Caussin announced their separation in 2021. Allan’s proposal was also dubbed the “cutest thing ever” by Kramer.

“Me and the kids were sitting on the front porch steps and looking out at the view. It was a wonderful night,” she recalled.”He called my name, I stood up, and he then bent down to kiss me. Jolie then started bouncing about. It was just adorable. She appeared to be aware of what was going on.

Kramer had previously informed the guys she was seeing that she wasn’t interested in starting a family, partly due to her concern about miscarrying another kid. She remarked on Thursday, “As a lady who has had several losses, I feel broken.

“Yes, I know I’m a woman, but after miscarrying so frequently, you wonder, ‘Am I? Not even a baby can I carry. I don’t want to go through it again and feel that way. That was terrible. After six months of dating, the Spring Breakdown actress revealed that she and Russell were engaged last month.

Kramer will have made four trips down the aisle following their union. She previously wed Michael Gambino for a brief period in 2004, Johnathon Schaech for a period in 2010–2011, and Caussin for a period in 2015–2021.