Kim Kardashian Slammed Kanye West For Claiming Affair With Drake!

Kim Kardashian Clapped back to Kanye West for accusing her for many baseless things!

Published: May 26th, 2023 7:22 am | Updated: May 26, 2023 7:22 am

Kim Kardashian talked about the drama of Kanye West and also slammed him for the affair rumor with Drake.

There are certain news of celebrities which appears to be baseless but some people try to believe it. And if this news is created by some of their family members or the person close to them then it creates some controversies.

If you talk about all these things then some aspect of the personal life of celebrities falls into this category where everyone comes to the truth.

The same happened when Kim Kardashian decided to talk about her difficult times. It was back in 2022 summer when Kim Kardashian was dealing with a lot of things in her life.

It was related to the drama that was created by Kanye West and also her breakup with Davidson. And to talk about all these things with her new reality show with season 3 and talk about the things that were created by her ex-husband.

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Here is What Kim Kardashian Said About Kanye West’s Claims.

Kim Kardashian

Talking about it then Kim Kardashian said that she is dealing with a lot of stress right now as it is one of the toughest times. She said to her mother about having an anxiety attack and feeling like she was not able to even breathe.

Kim Kardashian also said that she never talked badly about Kanye West despite all the negativity is trying to create after their break up. She also decided to talk about that text which Kanye West decided to keep on social media.

The reality star also admitted that she can handle anything but she is heartbroken because her mother had to deal with a lot of things from different sides of the people.

The reality star also talked about the moment when Kanye West decided to bring up her past s*x tapes again and again.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got separated at the beginning of 2021 and later in 2022, their divorce got finalized. But even after the separation and divorce, West was the one creating a lot of drama in his as well as the life of Kim Kardashian.