Offset Praised Wife Cardi B For Kicking His Codeine Habit!

Offset said how Cardi B and his relationship with his wife held to kick his Codeine habit. A perfect partner comes into life then everything appears to be very easy and very frightening.

That’s the same in the case of celebrities who never hesitate to show their love to their perfect partner.

Whether one talks about their married partner or their life in one everything appears to be the same. And if we talk about the life of Hollywood celebrities then it is way more open than any industry in the world.

Among them is Offset who once again praised his wife Cardi B. In the recent interview that happened on 24 May 2023, the 31-year-old rapper talked about something related to his relationship.

He also talked that how this relationship and his devotion to this relationship helped him. While referring to the cough syrup mixture which is normally known as a purple drink, he used to mix it with hard candy and alcohol.

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Here is what More Offset Said About Cardi B.


Offset said how he used to drink it for his whole career in life. But at the same time when he came into a relationship with his wife, it totally opened his mind.

The rapper said: “It opened my mind up, but I never thought it helped me create. I feel like getting past that, cleaning up and putting that message out.”


Offset decided to praise Cardi B, the mother of his two children who is now wife of him for 5 years. He called her his best friend and claims that she is always having his back and the same goes for him as well.

It doesn’t matter whether he is right or wrong she appears to be there with him. While continuing his words in the interview, the rapper also said that how they are both on the same mission to make each other happy person and better.

Offset also said how he wants to see his wife winning everything. And that’s the reason why he claimed themself as a powerful couple having that icon status. They both believe in God and also believe in the family and that’s the reason why very happy in their relationship.

If one talks about Cardi B, she is also the one who carries a lot of admiration for her husband. She went on to say that no matter how and what are the issues, he personally and professionally tries to help her and take care of the family.