Adam Levine Honored Blake Shelton At The Voice Finale!

Adam Levine decided to give a tribute to his friend Blake Shelton as he won't be coming back as coach to The Voice!

Published: May 25th, 2023 2:39 am | Updated: May 25, 2023 2:39 am

Blake Shelton got a beautiful tribute from his friend Adam Levine in his last episode of The Voice. There are a lot of actors and celebrities in Hollywood who share a great friendship.

And that’s the reason why they try to stand with each other even in difficult positions and in happy ones. Sometimes their friendship reflects through social media presence while other times it is the presence that was given in public.

Whether we talk about the aspect of personal life or professional life, they find something and some bonding between them.

Among them are the two famous coaches of The Voice that is, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Blake Shelton who is there with 23 Seasons in The Voice is now going to leave the show after so many years.

And that’s the reason why Adam Levine came to the front while giving him honor. We all know that they both shared a very funniest romance on the show, which is why it was no surprise when Adam returned for the last episode.

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Here is what Adam Levine did for Blake Shelton on The Voice Finale.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine with his band Maroon 5 performed their new single called Middle Ground on the show. He helped coming to his friend Blake Shelton to start the show.

The singer recalled and said how he is the dumbest friend and shared a hug on the stage. When the question was asked to Adam related what he would like to speak to his friend before the finale then the singer got very light.

“Don’t screw it up. It’s your last show. You’ve had a great run. Don’t screw it up, you idiot… Just kidding… I love you very much and have a great show. I love that I’m here. The band’s here. You look great. God, what else is there to say?”

Adam Levine.

It was not just Adam Levine who came to give a tribute to Blake Shelton but Blake’s wife Gwen Stefani was there too.

Gwen shared a lot of great moments with the show and how The Voice helped her to have a perfect partner for life. They both met on the set of this talent show and started their romance in season 9 and later in 2020 they decided to get married.

Gwen Stefani said: “Twenty-three seasons, he has truly changed people’s lives. The Voice will go on, but Blake’s legacy will be there forever… The Voice is the reason that I met Blake Shelton, and my life completely changed after that. Blake, have a great finale. We love you, and I’ll see you at home”

Gwen Stefani.