Citadel Episode 4 Ending Explained: Who Is Citadel Snitch?

Citadel Episode 4 ends with a flashback to the present when Carter, who in the first scene was seen blaming Mason for everything, now accuses Nadia of being the mole. 

Published: May 14th, 2023 8:44 am | Updated: May 13, 2023 8:44 am

Citadel Episode 4 was released on 12th May 2023, and here is the thing you might have missed in the episode.

The latest Citadel episode focuses on Abby’s long-kept secret identity. The central focus of Citadel on Prime Video is the unnamed organization, which formerly dominated the most watchful spy community and is still active today.

However, Citadel has been having trouble gaining ground since its rival organization Manticore took it down ten years ago. In the previous episode, Mason became concerned that Nadia could have been the one who had destroyed everything after speaking with an old friend.

Unfortunately, he has no option but to believe her because it is a criminal’s word over hers. In particular, Abby’s backstory is explored in greater detail in the fourth episode, exposing her relationship with Citadel.

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Citadel Episode 4 Ending Explained 

Citadel Episode 4
Prime Video

Before helping Nadia Sinh and saving her life, Celeste Graham was a low-level Citadel agent. She caught Nadia’s eye. Therefore, she chose to advance to Tier 1.

This implies that Celeste might be trusted with more critical and challenging missions. She was assigned to obtain the Oz Key from the Silje brothers. She approaches Anders while hiding, winning him over to her side.

Mason first keeps an eye on her, but her handler becomes concerned when she suddenly becomes radio-quiet.

After months of information gathering, Celeste successfully takes the Oz Key, but Danik catches her. He comes close to killing her, but the Citadel squad quickly rushes to the scene. Silje is apprehended after running away from Danik, and Celeste is taken in for interrogation.

The Oz Key is not visible. Mason thinks Celeste grabbed the Key for herself when she was disoriented to sell it to the highest bidder to cover her twin brother’s debt.

When Celeste asserts her innocence, Mason and Nadia start to argue. Nadia stands up for Celeste and begs Mason not to take drastic measures. He’s confident that the Oz Key is already in the wrong hands.

Nadia persuades their bosses that Celeste and her brother’s life are in danger as long as Danik is still on the loose. In the interim, until they capture Danik or determine what happened to the Oz Key, she wants Celeste to be placed in a safe house.

Mason is okay with the notion of a haven but wants them to go farther. He requests that a backstop be started for Celeste. They might be able to restore her memory if they locate the Oz Key and establish that she is truly innocent.

Otherwise, none of their secrets would be at risk. Celeste’s betrayal wouldn’t be a concern for them. Everyone around him wonders why he is so committed to getting Celeste out of the way since he pursues it fervently. Carter finally understands it.

We learn that Mason let Celeste off the hook by painting her as a mole, while Nadia may have been the guilty party, however, given that he has shown a genuine passion for Nadia.

Citadel Episode 4 ends with a flashback to the present when Carter, who in the first scene was seen blaming Mason for everything, now accuses Nadia of being the mole.