Avril Lavigne And Tyga Shared Hugs Right Before Sound Check!

Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend Tyga shared an adorable hug while enjoying the tour together!

Published: May 14th, 2023 7:58 am | Updated: May 15, 2023 7:58 am

Avril Lavigne was seen with Tyga as the couple hugs each other for a final sound check. There are a lot of celebrity couples who tried to support each other in every circumstance.

Whether it is related to their professional life or their personal one, we have seen them together forming a strong bond. And if they ever hesitate to come with their relationship in public then we can get a lot of headlines and news related to their relationship where we see them cuddling and kissing.

The same was recently seen with 38-year-old Avril Lavigne and Tyga. It seems like they are both really in love with each other and that’s the reason why supported each other in their professional life as well.

In the recent view where she spend her time with her boyfriend as well as going on her tour, Avril Lavigne went with some sound check. In an adorable on-stage hug we can see how they were involved with each other.

It was recently when the singer decided to upload some pictures of herself on Instagram. One of them was a selfie where we can see her eye makeup that was looking like a fire and also her diamond necklace with her name.

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Here you can check out Avril Lavigne And Tyga sharing a hug.

Avril Lavigne

Her blonde hair was on the point while she was wearing a leather jacket. In the next picture, one can see her mirror selfie where the singer was wearing bottom pants with a jacket and keeping her hair half tied.

Now comes the picture of what we were all waiting for, one can see the rapper wearing a black hoodie and pants while on the other hand, the singer was also wearing a black sweatshirt and pants to match her boyfriend.

The hug was right behind the stage where one can see a lot of focus light in the background. There were also many pictures where the singer was seen on the stage while enjoying the pump as well as interacting with the fans.

As soon as Avril Lavigne uploaded these pictures, fans started commenting on them and showing their love for the singer. One of them said how they both look cute with each other while the other said that she deserves the whole world for love.

It was recently in March 2023 when a couple came publicly with their relationship at Paris Fashion Week.

They seemed to join the event and attended it together while conforming to the relationship which gained a lot of news.

This romance of Avril Lavigne came after her separation from Mod Sun. They decided to end their engagement in February 2023. Before this relationship, she was married to Chad Kroeger from 2013 to 2015.