Angelina Jolie Got Company Of Son Maddox, 21, At White House Dinner!

Angelina Jolie has got the company of her 21-year-old son Maddox for a visit to the White House and joining Joe Biden for a South Korean state dinner. A lot of celebrities are giving us back-to-back appearances while on the other hand, some celebrities are giving us rarity.

If we talk about any celebrities and their event or appearance then the first focus that comes is the company. Apart from fashion, it is also concerned with whom these celebrities would attend the event.

The same recently happened as the actress Angelina Jolie was in attendance at the White House on 26 April 2023. She was not there all alone but got the company of a 21-year-old son Maddox.

Yoon Suk Yeol, the South Korean president was also there at the event and was honored by the president of America. It was all a political event where Angelina Jolie was seen wearing a beautiful cream-colored gown while matching it with the same jacket.

Talking about her accessories then she was wearing gold jewelry while matching it with her clothes. Her hair was down in curls while on the other hand, her 21-year-old baby boy was wearing a long coat and black shoes.

He was seen raising his collars in some of the pictures. To match everything, Maddox was also wearing specs. Talking about the makeup of Angelina Jolie then it was already perfect as she matched it with dark lipstick.

This White House state dinner came as many leaders of allied countries came together. In this event, 200 guests came with their proper attendance.

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Angelia Jolie Visits White House With Son Maddox.

Angelia Jolie

When it comes to the focus of Angelina Jolie then it was more given to her 21-year-old son who always appears very rare. He is the oldest of Angelina Jolie’s children with whom she shares with her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Maddox is an adopted kid from Cambodia where he was just 7 months old in 2002. The actress then decided to adopt the baby who now became and grew fast and healthy.

He has completed his education in South Korea in August 2019. And due to the same reason, he was away a lot of times from the eyes of the public and gave a very rare appearance with his mother.

Not long ago when Angelina Jolie revealed that her son don’t want any kind of involvement in the entertainment industry. And due to the same reason she is trying to keep his profile very low and it is not at all a surprising thing.

When it comes to the environment of Angelina Jolie in politics then it all came when she showed her support for reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.