Ben Affleck Joked About Being Nak*d In Pool With Jennifer Lopez!

Ben Affleck joked about his wife Jennifer Lopez while calling them nak*d in the pool. There are a lot of celebrity couples who are very much comfortable with each other and that’s the reason why they share some personal details.

Sometimes it is through the social media account of these celebrities while other times it is through the newsletter or podcast or even any interviews.

Talking about any celebrity couple who are very much famous in Hollywood the list goes quite very long.

And among this list is the lovable couple Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck. The love between them is going steamy and that’s why the actor shared some details about it on 21 April 2023.

It all got revealed when the actor was seen on The Drew Barrymore Show. He revealed how they get nak*d in the pool during the recent retreat between the couple. The actor said:

“My wife and I went on a little vacation recently, we went in the pool — I don’t know if that counts as skinny dipping. It wasn’t, like, an ’80s college movie or anything”

The description was related to the time when the couple was seen spending some family time in the Hamptons. It was happening earlier this month when some PDAs were going around these two.

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Here is what Ben Affleck shared about his wife Jennifer Lopez.

Ben Affleck
In Touch Weekly

The discussion between and Jennifer Lopez had not just stopped there as the interview went for. The actor Ben Affleck also revealed how he is jealous of his wife as she carries a really fast metabolism. And that’s the reason why the singer can eat anything she wants, even pizza or ice cream.

But when it comes to reality then it is not just about the metabolism but it is also about the workout. Jennifer Lopez is in her fifties but still looks like someone who is in her 30.

And these all things are because of a proper diet and working out and also having that enthusiasm in her life. And due to the same reason, she is also known for having perfect skin in Hollywood.

Ben Affleck also complimented his wife for her work ethic. He called Jennifer Lopez a very disciplined woman in her life and she is almost like a superhuman.

Calling her a gorgeous woman, the actor also called her respectful and a very easygoing person. Drew went further and ask whether Jennifer Lopez wants to change anything in him or not, to which the actor replied very straight. And it is his communication skills that go in circles.