Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Spotted Holding Hands On a Date Night In L.A!

Ben Affleck’s date night with Jennifer Lopez in LA. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were spotted in LA on a date night while holding each other’s hands on this Sunday.

The duo has been spotted leaving the Ivy restaurant after completing their dinner both of them looked very happy as they were seen smiling and giggling. Both of them seemed very relaxed as they headed towards their car.

Affleck was seen wearing a Grey t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans whereas Lopez was wearing a tan turtleneck sweater paired with baggy jeans. Both of them were seen in their comfortable looks.

The couple has been romantically involved since April this year. They were previously spotted together back in April, and then they were seen quite a few times together at many events and occasions together.

According to one source of a magazine, the duo are very happy and comfortable together and are in the mood to take things down a little slower. Further, the source said that apart from being busy with their own careers still they manage time for each other.

Affleck and Lopez were previously engaged in 2002 but due to some reasons, they called off their wedding after 2 years, in 2004.

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Here Are Some Lookouts In the Depth of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Date Night!

Ben Affleck

This time both of the personalities Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are quite serious about each other they are quite confident this time as they have seen showing their affection and love in public many times lately, this shows that they are not afraid to display their love life to the world and they are quite comfortable with that.

Both of them seemed enjoying each other’s company. The duo looked relaxed and free from any stress on the date night, they seemed very happy after spending quality time with each other. Looks like both of them enjoy each other’s presence.

The fact taking things slower this time is evidence that the couple wanted things to work out between them. They wish for something positive this time. They are taking time according to them to know each other well and not putting any kind of pressure on any individual.

With time it will be clear for all of us what Affleck and Lopez’s destiny holds for them but right now it is clear that both of them are enjoying this phase of their relationship.