Murder Mystery 2 Ending Explained!!!

Murder Mystery 2 Ending Explained: The series Murder Mystery 2 was released on Netflix on March 31, 2023.

It starred fan favorites Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler, reprising their roles as Audrey and Nick, the couple who were successful in solving a murder mystery in the original film, which was released in 2019.

It turned out that they have attempted to convince people of this life of investigative work ever since, but not very successfully. In the follow-up, they find themselves again at a weekend getaway with strange visitors and a significant mystery—this time, the kidnapping of the Maharajah.

The narrative had more firepower, more mental errors, and moments of escape, and it also brought viewers through the overcrowded streets of Paris. The climax was held in the Eiffel Tower itself, following all the commotion that resulted in Audrey and Nick collecting the ransom money.

As was to be expected, the climactic scenes were packed with drama and some action that was more epic than any seen in Hollywood.

In addition, the movie ended on a cliffhanger that may be continued in a potential sequel to the second Murder Mystery. Continue reading this post to learn about the ending of Murder Mystery 2.

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Murder Mystery 2 Ending Explained

Murder Mystery 2

In the climactic scene of Murder Mystery 2, Nick and Audrey arrive at the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower together with everyone who is still alive at that point.

This group of individuals includes Colonel Ulenga, Vik’s bodyguard, Inspector Delacroix, Claudette, Saira, and Francisco.

Nick asserted that the kidnapper was someone who had a thorough awareness of a variety of things, including bombs, detonators, and deep fakes, after providing sufficient justifications and deductions.

They were told to send the money up the elevator or face the consequences of the kidnappers. Nick concluded that the bomb was a false warning and that the kidnapper would not endanger the target since he wanted the money.

Nick was correct in his assumption that Miller was the person responsible for the kidnapping. To remove himself from the suspect list, he had pretended to die.

Soon after, a fight broke out on top of the Eiffel Tower, with Miller and his men battling a furious Nick, Francisco, and Audrey, who was still charming in some bizarre way. Miller and his men were in a helicopter.

Miller appeared to have the upper hand at first, but after a major altercation, Audrey and Nick knocked him off his feet and into the chopper blades, sending his soldiers flying into the Sienna as well.

Audrey and Nick had previously reasoned that someone from the inner circle had organized this kidnapping with Miller, even if it appeared that the mystery had been solved.

Saira had something red on her palm, which Audrey noticed. The latter claimed that the henna had been smudged.

Audrey, who has worked as a hairdresser for a very long time, saw the deception right away and shared the information that henna colors hair extremely quickly and does not smudge. Also, she remembered missing Saira right before the kidnapping.

Saira attempted to shoot Vik again after realizing her game was finished, but the Colonel dived in to take another blow. Saira committed this act out of resentment because her playboy brother received everything from her parents and not her.

This marked the second resolution to the murder mystery. Nick and Audrey received enough money from the Maharajah, which was sealed in a sack made of dinosaur skin.

The ending of Murder Mystery 2, on the other hand, included an unexpected turn when the pilot of the helicopter Nick and Audrey were riding in suddenly seized them at gunpoint and demanded the money.

After stealing the bag, he leaped off the building, condemning Audrey and Nick to their deaths. This was where Murder Mystery 2 came to a conclusion, but it raised a lot of questions about what would come next.

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How The Murder Mystery 2 Ending Sets Up Murder Mystery 3?

Murder Mystery 2

At the end of Murder Mystery 2, there are some hints left about what to expect from Murder Mystery 3.

Nick and Audrey are now in a situation where they must avoid their helicopter from colliding as they travel to their new location. The characters will likely attempt a robbery after solving murder and kidnapping cases.

Before coming upon a bigger case they can solve, they may locate the helicopter pilot swiftly and get their money back.

Yet, given that the series is still titled Murder Mystery, Nick, and Audrey may be investigating a death that results from a theft in Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix movie.