Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77 Release Date & Where To Read?

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77 will pick up just where Chapter 76 left off, and things are about to become more interesting in this chapter.

So, fans of the manga are curious to know about the release date of the upcoming chapter 77 of Record Of Ragnarok, including speculation regarding chapter 77.

Therefore here in this post, we will discuss everything related to Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77.

In Chapter 77 of Record of Ragnarok, the eighth struggle that has arisen between humankind and the gods will finally be settled. It was one of the more interesting conflicts since the combat’s intensity continued rising.

Tesla and Baal’s fight was inevitable and featured elements unique to this kind of war. This conflict was between myth and science as opposed to earlier fights between myths and legends.

Furthermore, the subject of the fight alone might allow you to guess the outcome.

Unlike his real-life counterpart, Tesla is a strong, chiseled man with a smart build. In addition, when compared to historical inventions, his creations are as ridiculous and laughable in their absurdity.

Yet, the narrative primarily concentrates on Tesla’s creativity and his confidence in science and its impact on humanity.

Baal, on the other hand, was a mythical figure with dual roles as a nurturer and a destroyer. Also, we did not get to see a lot of his past from God’s point of view. Keep reading to know more about Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77.

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77 Release Date & Where To Read

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77

Chapter 77 of the well-known Japanese manga Record of Ragnarok will be out on April 20, 2023. The upcoming chapter of Record Of Ragnarok is currently available for readers to access on Coamix’s Monthly Comic Zenon’s official website.

Chapter 77 of the manga Record Of Ragnarok will be accessible for reading on the official websites of both MangaHot and VIZ Media.

The struggle between the gods and mankind will be successfully resolved in the following chapter. By April 10, 2023, the Record of Ragnarok chapter 77 raw scan will be available.

We witnessed the final battle’s conclusion in a different tone from the others, one that was a little more melancholy.

Tesla reached out a hand to the hurt Baal and suggested they settle their dispute amicably. This gives us a sneak peek at how the series might end and how it might impact civilization as a whole.

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Recap Of Chapter 76

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77

After what seemed like an eternity, Tesla and Beel were finally able to put an end to their epic battle. Baal moved through several stages during this battle, giving us a chance to observe many distinct facets of him.

According to his legend, this revealed both his complex personality and his interactions with the other gods of this universe.

We were made aware of the mythology claiming that Baal was the owner of a terrible force capable of putting an endless number of adversaries to rest.

Tesla was only a scientist who made wonderful discoveries; in contrast, his story was by no means grand, grandiose, or enormous.

He did, however, demonstrate advancement in human potential in contrast to earlier depictions of humanity. He had advanced so far that he was capable of overcoming any obstacle that stood in his way.

The manga series “Record of Ragnarok” chronicles the story of 13 powerful gods and 13 humans engaged in an epic conflict known as Ragnarok that determines the fate of humanity.

Readers are transported on an exciting journey with battles, compelling drama, and unexpected turns as each chapter progresses.

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What To Expect From Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77?

Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 77

In Record of Ragnarok Chapter 77, the struggle between the gods and humanity will find a fresh resolution. When it drew to a close, this confrontation ended a little more amicably than others had.

Tesla reached out a hand to the defeated Baal and proposed they settle their conflict amicably. We get a preview of the potential series finale and how it might alter the path of human history thanks to this.

The audience member watching the dialogue is smiling at himself. Who is the observer here? At first glance, it appeared like Hades was the one who had previously given Ball the crew and was enjoying watching the development.

In spite of everything, this is a planet—a stage—where gods and demons coexist. And the man’s manner was so horrible that nothing other than Satan, the prince of hell, could have possibly been the man.