Holding Ending Explained

The series Holding has held viewers enthralled with its murder mystery genre “whodunnit” narrative throughout the past month. Sergeant PJ Collins played by Conleth Hill had his job made out for himself on ITV’s Holding, but he eventually found Tommy Burke’s murderer.

Holding, an ITV drama show based on Graham Norton’s novel with the same title, has led both audiences and our hero Sergeant PJ Collins on many unexpected paths as he attempts to solve a 20-year-old unsolved murder crime.

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Holding Ending Explained.

Radio Times

Nobody really knew the groom that went missing was killed until an excavation unexpectedly pulled his corpse out 20 years later, plunging the charming Irish hamlet of Duneen into a tailspin.

Assigned the task of a homicide case, PJ’s job and longstanding friendships were both on the line as he sought to figure out who was responsible for the tragedy.

In the last episode of Holding, PJ discovers that Tommy Burke was murdered by Abigail Ross portrayed by Helen Behan, Evelyn Ross’s older sister. She was the one who subsequently faked a love note from Tommy to Evelyn, based on a line from a cherished Oscar Wilde poetry which apparently was the first tip for PJ.

An intoxicated Tommy had brought Evelyn back to her farmhouse the night before his marriage to Brid Riordan in 2001 when he assaulted her in the same barn where her father had committed suicide himself. While he was looking on, Evelyn miscarried their child, and the couple was discovered by Abigail.

Abigail went to Tommy after he had put Evelyn to bed. He attempted to attack her, and she shoved him into the thresher’s hooks, impaling him.

While Evelyn said she relocated his body on her own, it is clearly indicated that her younger sister Florence played by Amy Conroy assisted in the operation without Evelyn’s awareness.

Once PJ approached her with the information, Abigail admitted – however when she saw he also accused Florence of assisting in the movement of the corpse, she pushed both herself and PJ over a ledge and down to the sea. He made it, while she did not.

Florence eventually left town, and it’s implied that PJ would not share his suspicions regarding her role in Tommy Burke’s death.

We have also seen PJ finally speak up about his father dying, and at the conclusion of the episode, he ditched his junk food stockpile and went for a dip in the water.