Will There Be Holding Season 2? Everything to know

When will there be Holding Season 2? Let’s find out the details. Inspired by the adaptation of a Graham Norton novel, Holding is an ITV drama-comic…

Published: March 9th, 2023 5:08 am | Updated: March 9, 2023 5:08 am

When will there be Holding Season 2? Let’s find out the details. Inspired by the adaptation of a Graham Norton novel, Holding is an ITV drama-comic series situated in a tiny Irish community.

Fans of the four-part series are hopeful for a second season, or perhaps that another Norton novel gets converted into a Tv series.

The show concluded on a melancholy note, with PJ Collins tracking down the culprit and solving the case, only to be spurned by his married girlfriend, leaving him heartbroken.

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What is the Release date for Holding Season 2?

Holding Season 2
Radio Times

Unfortunately, there is no announcement of a release date for Holding Season 2. neither ITV nor the makers of Holding have confirmed a season 2 renewal.

The project is being touted as a mini-series since it is based on Graham Norton’s debut novel with the same title, which has no sequel. Secondly, in the conclusion, the name of the person who murdered Tommy Burke is disclosed, therefore that plot is completely resolved in the first season itself.

the authors may somehow conjure up another mystery of a Graham Norton novel.  stick to this place for more information on the release date of Holding season 2.

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What is the storyline for Holding About?

Sergeant PJ Collins, a polite and quiet town cop, is the show’s lead. PJ is known for ignoring people and spending his days eating good food and doing poor cop work.

Nevertheless, when the corpse of a long-lost local person is unearthed, he is forced to investigate a serious murder for the very first time in his professional life. The novel is set in Duneen, a West Cork community with a grim history.

A prime suspect in the case vanishes from the town in episode two; by the third episode, a month has gone since the death was discovered, and PJ has no fresh leads.

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Who is in the Cast of Holding?

Holding Season 2

Conleth Hill as PJ Collins
Pauline McLynn as Eileen O’Driscoll
Demi Isaac Oviawe as Aoife Akingbola
Charlene McKenna as Evelyn Ross
Brenda Fricker as Mrs. Meany
Helen Behan as Abigail Ross
Clinton Liberty as I. Linus Dunne
Siobhan McSweeney as Brid Riordan
Amy Conroy as Florence Ross
Gary Shelford as Anthony Riordan
Sky Yang as Stephen Chen
Calum Rea as Cathal Riordan
Eleanor Tiernan as Susan Hickey
Jane Spollen as Carmel Riordan
Lochlann O’Mearain as Cormac Byrne
Anne Kent as Nora Goggin
Olwen Fouere as Kitty Harrington
Karl Quinn as John Flynn