Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Release Date, Time & All That We Know So Far!!!

Are all of you eagerly anticipating the release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91? Well, we’re here for you.

Following an incredible chapter in which we were given an inside look at Dr. Hedo’s genuine plans, readers of the series are eager to see what will take place in the following chapter of the manga.

Toyotaro is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Dragon Ball Super. It is based on the first novel that Akira Toriyama wrote for the Dragon Ball series.

The plot is based on what happened in Dragon Ball Z after Majin Buu was defeated. Goku, who is preparing to grow stronger, and the appearance of the evil Frieza are the main subjects of the story.

When Goku and his allies face off against new and more formidable foes, the manga not only presents new characters but also returns to some of the anime’s more well-known cast members.

The series delves into topics such as the significance of family and friendship, as well as the necessity of speaking out for what is morally correct. Fans eagerly anticipate every new installment of Dragon Ball Super, which is a continuation of the popular series.

In this post, we will be taking a look at what to anticipate from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91, including the raw scan, the spoiler, the release date, and a countdown.

Release Date for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91

The release of the forthcoming Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 is slated to take place on March 19, 2023. The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super may be found in the magazine published by Shueisha.

Also, the chapter will be made accessible to fans all around the world online on various sites like Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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Recap Of Chapter 90

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91

Chapter 90 starts with Officer Kuririn, who is searching for Hedo’s Zombies. He locates Mai close to a store, in addition to the zombies. Kuririn is able to capture the zombies despite their best efforts to evade him.

Then, as Beta 7 enters the room and asks for Gohan, we notice Goten engaged in routine conversation with his friends and classmates. Then, Saiyaman X-2 appears out of nowhere to destroy Beta 7. He disposes of the opponent with ease.

The students are then seen getting ready for the party while Mai invites Trunks to attend. Dr. Hedo wants to attend the party to meet Clean God while spying on the students. Mai is prepared for the fight and is certain that she will win.

Mai successfully devises a strategy to catch him, spots him, and traps him with some police officers. Hedo, however, has some cunning plans, and he skillfully flees the area while stealing certain items.

Mai provides him with additional motivation by promising him more dates if he manages to catch Hedo.

We learn more about Hedo through the chase with Officer Kuririn, Trunks, and Goten. Dr. Hedo is taken into custody after they use their combined move to defeat it. After all of his actions, he is imprisoned, but Dr. Hedo shows no indications of giving up.

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Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91

There have not yet been any official spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91, but it appears like the dance party will take center stage in the following chapter. It is probable that this will allow us to understand why Dr. Hedo neglected to bring the secret disc and joined the party.

Moreover, Dr. Hedo and his nefarious actions look to come to an end in this chapter. Nonetheless, we are still aware of his plans and that he is still working to develop the ideal Android. In addition, Dr. Hedo, who developed Cell, is Gero’s grandson.

We don’t know what kind of information is on the disc, which is a really unsettling reality. Hedo, meanwhile, claims to have already memorized the information on the Disc and expresses no interest in Gero’s research.

It is clear from the previous panel that he is already formulating a strategy to avoid serving the remainder of his sentence, which should not be very long.

Even though the length of his sentence has been reduced, he has decided that he does not want to spend any more time behind bars. We can anticipate his employing cunning and technology to escape from prison.

This will make the following chapter an intriguing read, and we can get to witness distinct Androids. The development of the perfect Android has been going on the whole time, and it is likely that this will be the next major antagonist.