Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 Release Date, Time, and Other Details

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 is all set to be released next to next week, and here are the latest updates you need to know.

Dragon Ball Super is a sequel manga miniseries for Akira Toriyama’s classic Dragon Ball. Toyotarou begins work on the manga artwork. Buu is defeated till the final stages of the 28th World Martial Arts Competition.

Dragon Ball Super began its journey in June 2015, serializing in the manga magazine V Jump. The story is distributed in English by Viz Media, whereas Shueisha manages it on their Manga Plus website.

The biggest-selling manga, Dragon Ball Super, is about to release Chapter 91, and it will feature a unique form of Gas, Granolah’s main foe. Dragon Ball Super, a Japanese manga, quickly became a hit and received mostly excellent reviews. The manga is released on a monthly basis.

What is the Release Date for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91

The most anticipated online comic manga Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 has been confirmed to be released on March 19, 2023.

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What is the storyline for Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91

Akira Toriyama wrote and drew the Dragon Ball Super manga comic online series. The sequel to Toriyama’s iconic Dragon Ball manga covers Goku and his comrades’ experiences through the 10-year time jump after Majin Buu’s fall.

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Recap of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 90
Manga Trend

While on duty as a cop, Krillin is confronted by a swarm of zombie androids in the early editions of Dragon Ball Super chapter 90. Goten, Goku’s kid, is seen enjoying a video game whilst riding on Flying Nimbus, a character who appears frequently in the anime.

The chapter additionally contains a scene in which Goten is riding the bus with friends and a woman approaches him with a question, but the bus comes to a halt owing to an obstacle.

The manga’s delayed publishing date and plot pacing have been criticized by fans, with some disregarding Goten and Trunk’s escapades as filler.

Many fans have voiced unhappiness with the new chapters on Twitter, whereas others have expressed excitement for the upcoming chapter, which will most probably pit Krillin against Dr. Hedo and his androids and give Goten much-needed importance. It’s unclear what will happen next in Toyotarou’s manga.