When Mischa Barton Was Told To Sleep With Leonardo DiCaprio For Her Career!

Mischa Barton has revealed shocking things said to her by one of the publicists who remarked of sleeping with Leonardo DiCaprio will help the actress’s career.

We have seen how a lot of people present in the film industry don’t respect other people. They become either too harsh to handle or too irritating to avoid.

However, if we talk about any such thing then one should not forget about some of the remarks that are passed upon by some particular actress. Whether it is related to some suggestions given to them or some comments everything gains highlight.

The same has happened with the actress Mischa Barton. She has recently claimed that one of the publicists told her to sleep with Leonardo DiCaprio when she was just 19.

This remark came when the actress was 19 years old and Leonardo DiCaprio was 30 years old. This revelation was made in one of the old videos that started coming from the depth of the internet.

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Here Is What More Mischa Barton shared about when she was told to sleep with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Mischa Barton

This interview was in 2005 and started coming when Leonardo was criticized after being spotted with Eden. It was the real height of fame and in that interview, Mischa Barton discusses how one of the publicists named Craig has seen Leonardo DiCaprio shooting for a project.

It was when DiCaprio just gotten separated from his 6-year-old relationship with Gisele Bundchen. Going with the details the actor was suggested to sleep with Leonardo DiCaprio just for the sake to uplift her career. In reply to all these, the actress replied by saying that she was not at all interested in older men.

Coming to all these things suddenly getting highlights then it started when Leonardo DiCaprio was seen with Eden. Eden is a French model of 19 year old who shares a huge gap of age between herself and the actor.

According to some sources they are right now in the phase of getting to know each other. However, the actor has denied all these rumors by not letting themselves involve romanticly.

It is not the first time when Leonardo DiCaprio was involved with such a huge gap relationship. It was just a few months ago when his name was coming along with the model Gigi Hadid.

Even at that time, they were about to know each other however things didn’t work in their favor. The model wanted to give priority to her and her baby girl Khai.