Moonrise Netflix Anime Everything You Need to Know

I am sure that we all must be familiar with the term sunrise and sunset but guess what Netflix is coming up with a new anime series titled Moonrise isn’t it unique and different? I am pretty much show that the answer will be a big mess!!!!

It is basically and Netflix original Japanese sci-fi series. Japan is a technologically advanced country so we can keep our hopes high with the animation and VFX that we are going to see in this series.

Also to add to your information we must tell you that it is directed by Masahi Koizuka.

When it comes to anime series what do you think is the most important thing? Well, yes right it’s the animation work that is going to be there in the series so the animation work of this series will be done by WIT Studio, one of the most popular animation studios that are behind many of the excellent and brilliantly created animation series!!!

So to know more in-depth about this upcoming Japanese original sci-fi of Netflix titled Moonrise keep on reading this article till the end!!!

When Moonrise is finally going to be premiered on Netflix ending everyone’s excitement?


To date, we have only got the confirmation that Moonrise is going to be released and are in the process of making thanks to the teaser trailer which was released by Netflix that give us the confirmation.

But the trailer also made it clear that it will be released in the year 2024 so there is a long wait between the release date.

Also, there was a post on the official social media handle of the creator of this anime series announcing its arrival in 2024.

The announcement post of the Anime reads:

“Special artwork from original character designer Hiromu Arakawa has arrived! Moonrise is coming to Netflix 2024! #TUDUM #TUDUMjapan #MOONRISE #ムーンライズ”

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Is there any trailer for Moonrise season 1?

Yes of course as mentioned in the above paragraph that Netflix has released the official teaser trailer for this new sci-fi anime series through which we got to know about the release date so if you haven’t checked it out yet we are providing you the link below to access it:

Go and have a look at it you will realize that it is really going to be worth watching sci-fi standing upon the expectations of all its viewers.

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What is going to be the plot of Moonrise season 1?

Netflix Life

The black drop under which the entire story of the Anime will be situated is of Year TS 2XXX AD. And the humanity that is prevailing in the world has formed a new “relaxed world government” Everything was entrusted to the international AI network situated in Sapientia, and people lived according to their rational judgment of inner self.

However, the story of the Anime takes a turn when Sapientia’s “moon reclamation project” created a schism between the Earth—which maintains peace by sending pollutants and criminals to the moon—and the moon, which is forced to live in poverty, becoming a source of fire for the War of Independence.

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