Emily Ratajkowski Seen Kissing Jack Greer After Dating Speculation With Pete Davidson!

Emily Ratajkowski was seen kissing the artist Jack Greer after growing headlines with her romance with Pete Davidson. What is going to happen the next…

Published: December 24th, 2022 5:25 am | Updated: December 24, 2022 5:25 am

Emily Ratajkowski was seen kissing the artist Jack Greer after growing headlines with her romance with Pete Davidson. What is going to happen the next day in Hollywood is unpredictable whether it is related to personal life or professional.

Whatever we see today in the headlines may become the opposite in tomorrow’s headlines. And that’s what happens and due to the same reason, it becomes a common factor present in Hollywood. If we talk about such things then one cannot forget about the dating of celebrities that have always gained a lot of attention.

Among them is model Emily Ratajkowski who was recently seen kissing the artist Jack after having dating rumors with Pete Davidson. She is not ready to tie herself around anyone right now after having divorced Sebastian.

The 31-year-old was recently seen on 21 December 2022 while having time with Jack Greer. Coming to fashion then she was looking beautiful as ever.

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Recently Emily Ratajkowski was spotted with DJ Orazio.

Emily Ratajkowski

These all things came while she was yet to know the comedian Pete Davidson. But as soon as Davidson was spotted having time with DJ Orazio, Emily Ratajkowski decided to move on.

When it comes to the attention they are getting then they are not minding it as they were engaged in passionate kissing. It all happened outside the New York Apartment of the model while Jack is seen very close to Emily Ratajkowski.

She was wearing a red puffer jacket while matching it with blue jeans and white sneakers. Her brown hair was also looking on the point meanwhile Jack went with dark colors. According to the source, this new romance with Emily came while she was still looking for a man.

Emily has just got away from a long-term relationship as the divorce is finalized between Sebastian and her. And that’s the reason why she wants to have freedom in her life which may or may not come with commitment.

According to the source, she is letting herself test different waters while enjoying her freedom. And that’s the reason why she is not letting herself commit to anyone with any intention of coming into a relationship.

The same source has confirmed: “It’s not that she’s playing games, she is truly just figuring out what she really wants. Emily isn’t putting any sort of a timeline on things and she’s loving the single life for now.”

Emily has also gone through a dating app which is revealed on a podcast on 22 December 2022. Since a lot of people told her not to try these dating apps and that’s the reason why she decided to have it without even carrying about it.