Harry Styles Wardrobe Malfunction As Ripped His Jumpsuit On Stage!

Harry Styles accidentally ripped his jumpsuit while kicking high on stage. We have seen many celebrities go through wardrobe malfunctions. Sometimes it is related to the on-stage performance while other times it happens very accidentally and celebrities are not even aware of it.

Talking about such things then we know how they handle such serious circumstances in a very hilarious way. Something like this is happen recently with Harry Styles who went with a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction in his recent show.

The 28-year-old Harry Styles went with a little accidental malfunction that happened Live on Tour. While the singer was performing in front of a huge crowd in Brazil, he started dancing in excitement and kicking very high with his legs up. Due to this reason, supercomfortable jumpsuits became so uncomfortable.

The high kick of Harry Styles ripped his sparkly purple and green jumpsuit. After this accident, a lot of fans from the crowd share the video on Instagram and other social media platforms. Due to this, the whole crowd went on smiling and waving while he was covering his upper legs.

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Here you can have a look at Harry Styles’ Looking Shocked After He Ripped His Jumpsuit.

 Harry Styles

In one of the videos, fans responded very shockingly and said Oh My God and share that these things happen only in Brazil. While on the other hand, some fans wrote that this is embarrassing but Harry Styles handle it well.

This accidental movement became memorable not just for the fans but also for Harry Styles. After this accident, Harry Styles tied a gay pride flag to cover the split.

It is not clear whether this malfunction happened directly on stage or before it. But when it comes to the reaction of fans than they did not mind it and went again with the moment.

It was recently when Harry Styles made headlines related to his personal life. The singer got separated from his 2 years of relationship with actress Olivia Wilde. The reason behind their separation is said to be a busy schedule however, the controversies between the couple also played role in their separation.

The singer is right now focusing on his tool and his upcoming projects. The break between the couple has definitely affected him but this is not going to stop him or Olivia Wilde to interact with fans and doing the things that he or she is doing right now.

Even after separation, the couple has love and respect for each other. Harry Styles still shares the same bonding with the kids of Olivia Wilde as he used to share while in a relationship with the actress.