The Xbox Wireless Headset: Design, Performance, Sound Quality, and more!

Because of a handful of brilliant design innovations and above-average sound, The Xbox Wireless Headset is a strong worker. It also includes a few components that could be better but could be more spectacular, such as its microphone and battery life.

While it won’t be able to compete with high-end home theater headsets, it’s a solid and adaptable mid-level option for day-to-day Xbox use.

Design of The Xbox Wireless Headset

The Xbox Wireless Headset

If the Xbox Wireless Headset gaming headphones have one thing in common, it’s that, in addition to being simple to use with an Xbox, they’re a nightmare to use on other platforms like PC.

At 310g, it’s a touch hefty for an all-plastic headset but not so heavy that it presents difficulties. Instead, the Xbox Wireless Headset is quite comfy. The ear pads are thick and wrapped in plush leatherette, providing a good seal, but the headband is quite tight.

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset’s circular side panels operate as knobs to manage game/chat balance and headphone volume. Along the bottom corner of the left earphone, there are additional controls for connecting & muting the microphone.

Furthermore, this headset comes with an app if you’re playing on a PC. The Xbox Accessories software is intended to assist in setting up the Xbox controller for use with a PC, but it also provides a limited set of options for the Xbox Wireless Headset.

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The Xbox Wireless Headset

The Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset costs $109.11 in India. Amazon has the best price on Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset.

Audio Quality

The Xbox Wireless Headset

The sound quality of the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset is about average for a gaming headset, with reasonably accurate high-range sound and significantly increased bass and mid-range sounds.

The enhanced mid-range output means no one’s voice will be lost, although high-range sounds may be difficult to hear in bass-heavy situations.

In-game, frequency responses like these make the rumbling of explosions and gunfire much louder than it would be otherwise. However, those sounds’ louder, more piercing aspects should still be audible.

Moreover, this improved mid-range reaction should guarantee that communication or voice chat between players is ultimately recovered in the din of battle.

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Battery Life

According to Microsoft, the Xbox Headset may last up to 15 hours on one charge. Not the longest on the market, but not bad.


For cordless gaming, the Xbox Headset is excellent. These headphones provide a bass-heavy sound quality that some people may find too much. Fortunately, its associated software includes a visual EQ and presets for customizing their sound.

They’re also comfy and have more than 19 hours of playback time. Their boom mic records your voice well so that you can understand easily.

However, they have substantial non-Bluetooth wireless latency, which may cause audio lag during gameplay. You will need to purchase an adaptor separately if you wish to use them on a PC through non-Bluetooth wireless.