Blue Lock Episode 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything you need to know

Blue Lock Episode 3 ended on a cliffhanger, and fans are waiting for the next episode, so here we are with all the latest updates of Blue Lock Episode 4.

Blue Lock is a manga series from Japan. The series, which focuses on sports, primarily football, is based on the results of the Japanese soccer team following the 2018 World Cup.

An anime adaptation created by 8-Bit was announced on August 12, 2021, and while we wait for the anime to mature, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the forthcoming Episode 4 of Blue Lock, which is expected to be broadcast on October 29, 2022.

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Blue Lock Episode 4 Release Date

Blue Lock Episode 4
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Blue Lock, one of the most successful Japanese anime television series, premiered on October 9, 2022. Yes! Blue Lock Season 1 has begun, and a few episodes have already been shown.

The fans of this series are so enthralled that they are waiting to learn when the next episode, Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 4, will be released. Blue Lock Season 1 Episode 4 will release on October 29, 2022.

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What to expect from Blue Lock Episode 4

Blue Lock Episode 4
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Isagi and Bachira were forced to understand the actual meaning of soccer during their encounter against Barou and his side. However, ego forces the players to become personalities that motivate their teammates to excel on the field. Therefore, while the lads continue to compete with one another, they must find a way to collaborate.

Blue Lock episode 4 will reveal to fans what Isagi and his friends discovered after their previous bout. Team Y may not have players as good as Barou due to their lower-ranked status, but they might still pose a challenge for Team Z. The prior strategy of fighting for possession of the ball will not work this time.

Yoichi must demonstrate to his teammates that collaborating is the only route for them to survive. Bachira and Kunigami are aware of this, as they were the only ones to collaborate with Isagi in the last game.

Therefore, they will have to work together to persuade the rest of the team to work together. If they achieve this, they can avoid being removed.

Finally, Blue Lock episode 4 will expose viewers to the members of Team Y. As with team X, it is doubtful that all eleven opposing team members will be significant to the story.

Team Y will boast two aces, according to the preview images published on social media, Hibiki Okawa and Ikki Niko. Fans will have to wait till the episode airs to find out more about them.

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Where can I get Blue Lock Episode 4?

Blue Lock Episode 4
The Anime Daily

Crunchyroll is the only location where you can stream Blue Lock regularly. Crunchyroll routinely simulcasts the series, but you’ll have to view it in Japanese with English subtitles.

Blue Lock is also available on other streaming platforms, but the episodes need to be updated regularly, so you won’t be able to view the most recent ones. Also, remember that Crunchyroll does not have Blue Lock episodes available in every location.