The Curse of Bridge Hollow Most Watched Horror Comedy on Netflix this Week

The Curse of Bridge Hollow was released on 14th October 2022 on Netflix. Goosebumps and The Addams Family 2 are horror movies that both kids and adults will enjoy if they need something a little creepy.

One of these season-appropriate horror thrillers is Netflix’s latest release, The Curse of Bridge Hollow. The film is currently gaining acclaim for being perfect for family Halloween entertainment.

The film follows the story of Sydney (Priah Ferguson) and her Halloween-hating father Howard (Marlon Wayans), who must deal with all kinds of bizarre events after Sydney inadvertently places the curse of Stingy Jack on their new village of Bridge Hollow.

The town’s Halloween decorations suddenly come to life, much to the astonishment of the locals, who inadvertently put them together after lighting a lantern that releases Jack’s spirit. The horrors that are released include an army of skeletal footballers, deadly clowns, witches, and zombies.

Sydney and her father must rush across town to find a solution to end the chaos and curse before midnight, or the terrifying new inhabitants will take over the town permanently.

The film stars Marlon Wayans, who is best known for the Scary Movie series, and Priah Ferguson, who previously appeared in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Here is What more Marlon Wayans and Priah Ferguson Shared about The Curse of Bridge Hollow.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow 2
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Screen Rant recently spoke with the pair about how they came up with the film’s funny father-daughter pairing and how The Curse of Bridge Hollow differs from the Scary Movie franchise.

According to Marlon, making a family-friendly horror film was always something he wanted to do for his own family. Being a part of Netflix’s most-watched movie made him very proud.

“And I was like, ‘I’m 50.’ I want to make a movie that’s good enough for my whole family, something that my kids can see.” So I did this one, and it’s a really sweet, funny horror comedy, and I’m proud of it,” he said. Screen Rant.

Marlon and Priah made beautiful co-stars in the film. When asked what it was like working together, Marlon said it was the best experience ever, while Priah added: “The chemistry was there. He gave me advice on the set, which was really fun.”

Unsurprisingly, The Curse of Bridge Hollow is currently the most-watched movie on Netflix this week, according to Flix Patrol. While it garners praise for being family-friendly, it’s also Halloween season, and there’s no better movie genre to watch this week than horror.

The Curse of Bridge looks like an interesting watch. All Netflix subscribers can now enjoy a thrilling Halloween horror experience. For more updates stay tuned with Daily Research Plot.