Kanye West Shared A Video Of His Reunion With Kim Kardashian.

With the ongoing drama and debates, it seems like Kanye West is in a different mood. Whether it is related to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian or his brand, everything has not become controversial from his professional to personal life.

The one who made everything controversial is none other than Kanye West. From time to time Kanye West comes on social media and uploads some pictures or photos or comments that have offended his family as well as other celebrities in Hollywood.

Something like this happened with Kanye West again as he shared a tense video of him meeting up with Kim Kardashian and kids at recent basketball of their daughter North. When Kanye West was restricted from Instagram as well as his Twitter, because of making some offensive comments, Kanye West came on YouTube to complete his drama.

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Here you can check out some Recent Pictures of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West

He uploaded a video named Last Week which was of recent adventures that include the basketball game of the North. This basketball game happened at the Sports Academy Fitness Centre where Kim Kardashian was also present.

The video is around 30 minutes where Kanye West was seen meeting Kim Kardashian. It is unclear what the rapper has said to the mother of 4 as they were for their children. It’s been many days that Kanye West has created controversy through his clothing line White Lives Matter. But when it comes to Kim Kardashian then she decided to be quiet rather than jump on it.

But according to the source, Kim Kardashian thinks that this time Kanye has made a horrible choice about it. It is because of the message which was offensive to many people. Coming to the video again then it features him related to a fashion meeting and planning at The Donda Academy.

In the video, we have seen Kanye meeting with some members of Adidas. Coming to the Identity of the man then it was not revealed because of privacy reasons. The rapper was also seen playing porn movies on his phone and said he is going to relieve the worst nightmare.

He continued and said something related to the company and business, including the partnership. Coming to the comment of the worst nightmare then Kanye West pointed at the person whom he wanted to be the new CEO of Adidas.