Kanye West Defended His White Lives Matter Shirts In Tucker Carlson Interview!

Recently Kanye West was spotted with Kim Kardashian and her daughter North West. We have known some celebrities because of their work but when it comes to the drama they have created then they remain the highlight. If we talk about drama then we cannot forget about Kanye West who remains in news because of all these things.

It is pretty sure that wherever Kanye West will go, the drama will follow and the same has happened in recent times. After all the dramas which happened due to White Lives Matter, Kanye West has defended it for the first time.

The 45-year-old Kanye West has recently defended his wearing that reveals White Lives Matter in the interview that happened with Tucker Carlson. He said he does certain things because of the feelings he gets. Coming to the interview then it has been added on 6 October 2022.

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Here’s What Kanye West Said About White Lives Matter Shirts.

Kanye West

According to the rapper, he just wanted to channel the energy and has done what he feels right. Kanye added and continued with having a connection with God and following gut instinct.

According to his words, the shirt was very funny, and thought the idea of wearing it would be very funny.

It was on Monday, October 2022 when Kanye West caused controversy related to his wearing. He was spotted wearing a t-shirt that has the print of White Lives Matter in the event of Paris Fashion Week. Most people have taken this message as a racist one and attacked him on social media.

When it comes to further things then he also decided to make his models walk on the runway with the same message and shirt but it was not acceptable to the fashion communities.

When the question was asked why he wrote the message then he said it was very obvious to think because it matters. He said it might be considered controversial but it was the same people who told us that black life matters.

Kanye had not decided to stop just there and gave reference to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian. He said Kim Kardashian is a Christian and called her a multi-billionaire with 4 black children.

Kanye West also made headlines due to his drama that went around the birthday party in Chicago. He has attacked the whole family of Kim Kardashian and accused them of kidnapping his sons from a birthday party from him. This is not the first time when the rapper has done this as he has done so with the birthday party of Psalm.