Kourtney Kardashian Launched Her New Brand Lemme!

Lemme, Kourtney Kardashian’s new, top-secret brand, is no longer so top-secret. The 43-year-old reality star filed trademark documents that were obtained by HolllywoodLife and describe what she is selling.

On September 6, Kourtney posted a picture of herself lounging on a loveseat while clutching her phone as a way to tease her 196 million Instagram followers. You’re going to want to sit down for this, she captioned the photo as the word “lemme” emerged above her in lowercase.

After completing the necessary registration, no further information was provided about Lemme, enabling fans to make their own assumptions. So what exactly is the Kardashians star’s latest, enigmatic project?

Kourtney’s soon-to-launch line will comprise “bags, purses, totes, wallets, clutches, and clothes,” according to trademark filings that were filed with the USPTO on February 9, 2022.

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Here you can check out some recent posts of Kourtney Kardashian related to her brand Lemme.

Kourtney already has a business called “Poosh,” which she established in 2019, but it appears that she has made the decision to emulate her renowned family and build her own empire. How can we know for sure that Kourtney is the one who registered the trademark?

Another paper, also submitted in February 2022, asked for the name of Kourtney’s former business, KK Nutrition, to be changed to Lemme, Inc. By general corporation law, KK Nutrition, Inc. was initially incorporated on October 4, 2021, according to the document. At the time, KK Nutrition was a retailer of vitamins and other dietary supplements related to health.

On the second page, it says, “In witness whereof, this certificate of amendment to the amended and restated certificate has been executed by a duly authorized officer of this corporation on February 23, 2022.”

The document continues, “Now, therefore be it resolved, that article first of the amended and restated certificate of incorporation of the corporation be amended and restated to read in its entirety as follows: The name of this corporation is Lemme Inc.”

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