Kanye West Responds to Fake Diarrhea Post About Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is taking his time to reply to a post that has been modified to make it seem as though Kim Kardashian is experiencing diarrhea. Kim Kardashian West published the position in question.

Even though the rapper, who is 45 years old, was not the one who wrote the statement that went viral, he is the one who is responsible for posting it.

By clarifying that he did not author the post on his Instagram account, he made it quite evident that he was not the creator of the content shared there.

After that, he posted the remark while simultaneously uploading the screenshot of the message, “This didn’t come from me at all. Someone else attempted to write the same way as me, but the result was not funny. He kept laughing and making light of the seriousness of the situation.

“I know that some of you will be disappointed in me because I didn’t type the tweet… that said ‘Friends wasn’t funny either,’ but I sincerely wish I had done so. I like leaving comments, and I’d be curious to know who came up with that idea.”

This comes after the father of four made a series of posts on Instagram in which he highlighted his concerns about his relationship with Kim and the fact that they have different perspectives on how his children should be educated.

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Here you can check out what Kanye West said about his fake post.

Kanye West

In these posts, he highlighted his concerns about his relationship with Kim and their different views on how his children should be educated. He then published private texts that seemed to have been sent by Kim.

In addition, he published what looked to be a text conversation from his ex-mother, wife Kris Jenner, in which she expressed concern that Kanye’s activities are causing Kim to get stressed out.

After the artist passionately shared pictures of their private conversations online earlier in the week, on Saturday, September 3, the artist stated that he had a “nice encounter” with his ex-girlfriend. This came after the artist had shared pictures of their private conversations online earlier in the week.

“Hi guys, I’m back! ” I apologize that this post is so behind schedule. I just came back from a fruitful talk with Kim about the schools. I wanted to share it with you, “he had added. Kris Jenner was reportedly “bothered” by Kanye West’s comments and thought they were “way out of line.” This information comes from Hollywood Life. According to reports, West had referred to Jenner as a “monster.”

Reportedly, Kris Jenner is worried that the rapper is humiliating Kim and himself and pulling the children into the matter, which is unacceptable. The scenario involves Kim’s children.

Reportedly, Kris is “sick and weary of his public attacks on the family, and she won’t stand for it.” She has decided that she will no longer tolerate his behavior. She has clarified that she will no longer put up with his behavior in any capacity.

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