Ji Chang Wook shares behind the scenes of his drama “If You Wish Upon Me”.

The drama debuted on KBS2 on August 10, 2022, and is broadcast each Wednesday and Thursday at 21:30. (KST). The drama stars Ji Chang Wook,…

Published: September 10th, 2022 4:13 am | Updated: September 10, 2022 4:13 am

The drama debuted on KBS2 on August 10, 2022, and is broadcast each Wednesday and Thursday at 21:30. (KST). The drama stars Ji Chang Wook, Sung Dong-il, Choi Soo Young, and many more.

On September 8,2022 Ji Chang Wook released the scenes of episode 5 of his new drama on YouTube.

The scenes that are shown in the video are from the hospital, in front of the parking lot of the hospital where he takes the cab and goes off, and a few more. In the video, one can see him eating squid as his snacks.

The other people working with him tease the actor and say, “why would an actor eat something like that? You need to eat something like soondae. ”

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Here you can check out some recent posts of Ji Chang Wook.

The cast and crew of the drama as per the best video can be seen shooting at 8.6°F weather. We can notice the struggle that an actor or actress goes through while filming for any drama but of course, they have lots of fun too.

There are a few scenes in the video where you can see him laughing and enjoying the shoot which shows how much he enjoys his work. When one watches the video, one can see him joking around and laughing with people on sets, such an adorable actor he is. The way he treats everyone with respect is worth appreciating.

In order to know how the shooting is done and what happens behind the camera make sure to watch the video. Our actor, Ji Chang Wook has already shared the link to the video on his Instagram story. Make sure to watch it and see him enjoying life moments. The behind-the-scenes is too adorable to make his fans go bananas over him.

The actor also posts a video of himself taking a ride across the city and enjoying time on his bike. In the video, he can be seen riding the bike across the city and then taking it for washing.

Ji Chang Wook washes his bike himself which shows his love for his things. If you own a thing, you need to take care of it and Ji Chang Wook does that pretty well.

The short video posted by him shows his love for his belongings. Of course, he looks as usual adorable while washing the bike. The fans showers all their love with a heart emoji in the comments section. They loved the way he adores little things in his life and one should learn from him to do that.