Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding Day Footage Got Leaked!

Jennifer Lopez, the popular singer, and actress has condemned leaked photos from a private moment of her wedding party with Ben Affleck last month.

The mother-of-twins, 53, revived her Hollywood romance with Affleck, 50, last year after originally dating (and even getting engaged) nearly two decades ago.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marital cycle appears to be never-ending.

Following their tiny Las Vegas wedding in July, the pair renewed vows for the second time earlier this month in a private ceremony for friends and family at Affleck’s house in southern Georgia. Attendees included Ben’s life and film BFF, Matt Damon; the couple’s children from previous marriages; and Kevin Smith, who directed Jersey Girl, in which Lopez and Affleck co-starred.

The wedding was a magnificent affair, and Lopez published photographs of the celebration on her own terms, including shots of all three of her Ralph Lauren gowns.

And it appears that one of the attendees (all of whom had to sign NDAs) did not obey the regulations. They recorded a video of the wedding and sold it to TMZ.

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Here is how Jennifer Lopez Reacted after her Wedding Day Footage got leaked.

Jennifer Lopez
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In the leaked video, Lopez was seen serenading Affleck with a new song in the aforementioned video. Because this is J.Lo we are talking about so obviously! there were backing dancers in the performance. The leaked video went viral, but Lopez was not pleased.

Ms. Lopez was not thrilled with the tape being made public, and she took to Instagram to express her displeasure.

The video was shared on Instagram by Lopez’s fan account, @jlow0rld, and has since been removed.

“This was taken without permission, Period.” the Hustlers actress is said to have commented.

“And whoever did that exploited our private moment.” I’m not sure where you’re getting it because we have NDAs and requested everyone not to disclose anything from our wedding.”

“That is our option to share,” she continued. Anything I put out in private is OnTheJLO and is for my fans to see.

“Which I’ll do when I’m ready.” This was taken without our permission and sold for profit.”

The singer was said to be singing a new song to her spouse, who was sitting on a chair in the midst of the event while being serenaded.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are presently enjoying their second honeymoon in Italy’s Lake Como. Following their July wedding in Las Vegas, the couple honeymooned in Paris, where Lopez donned multiple Reformation gowns.

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