Tessa Thompson Steals The Show By This Look

We all adore Tessa Thompson. You can check the records! Since Veronica Mars, I’ve loved her. she was terrific in Dear White People. Also, Creed. Favorite aspect of the MCU, without a doubt. So if we say “no,” Tessa Thompson, why, please believe us that this is not a hit piece.

Are we reintroducing wearing dresses over pants? The heroine of Thor: Love and Thunder came to Venice for the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival wearing a look that perfectly embodies Rihanna… plus pants

She wears red driving gloves, red leather hair, and red sunglasses. Italian style is flawless; there are no complaints. She carried a patterned purse over a black bralette that contrasted with and complemented the embroidery on her translucent dress.

About Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson

While attending Santa Monica College, she started her professional acting career with the Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company. She participated in performances of Romeo and Juliet, for which she was nominated for an NAACP Theatre Award, and The Tempest.

Her breakthrough came with starring roles in Tyler Perry’s drama For Colored Girls and indie drama Mississippi Damned (2009) directed by Tina Mabry (2010). Between Brooklyn, New York, and Los Angeles. Her father is the Afro-Panamanian singer-songwriter Marc Anthony Thompson, who also founded the band Chocolate Genius, Inc. Her mother is of Mexican and Caucasian descent. Zsela, a younger half-sister who also writes songs, is a singer.

Are we wearing dresses over pants once more? It’s not so much that these particular trousers are a problem; basic black slacks are hardly ever problematic. We didn’t decide to, did we? Why couldn’t her stylist have found her a black slip that matched the dress’ hem length? or even some tights? Or at the very least give the dress a slit so it can breathe, expand, and let the pants be a substantial part of the costume rather than just a foundation layer.

Tessa Thompson almost pulls off this look because she is Tessa Thompson. Also, you might be encouraged to try a dress over pants at home. But what begins as a fad could quickly become into…

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