Nicki Minaj Was Seen In Corset Top While Heading Out NYC Hotel!

Nicki Minaj Update: It is very amazing to find some celebrities carrying a style which was never been seen before. Whether it is related to their outfit or their hairstyle, everything seems to be perfect for them if it matches their comfort. Something like this was seen with a lot of celebrities in Hollywood who has given us some amazing fashion statement. Among them is the rapper Nicki Minaj who was seen in a corset top while leaving New York City after giving an epic performance at MTV Video Music Awards.

The beautiful Nicki Minaj was recently seen heading out of a hotel in New York City on 30 August. It was just 2 days after she has won the prestigious award at MTV Video Music Awards. The 39-year-old was seen in a very colorful outfit that was having green leggings and a blue corset.

The top was looking very appropriate on her as it was showing her cleavage and her perfect body. The perfect pink hair of Nicki Minaj matched the point and made her nothing less than a rainbow. She has also accessorized herself with a necklace, Queen, and a bracelet with a watch. She was wearing high heels and her hair was tied up in a ponytail.

Nicki Minaj

Without disappointing the fans or the media, she waved toward the camera and smiled. Her look was quite similar to the time she performed at the Video Music Awards in 2022. She has given her best to the stage in pink hair with a pink dress. She was wearing a pink skirt that was decorated with some pearls and jewels.

After the award function, Nicki Minaj changed her look and came into a white dress. This white dress was a high neck which was suiting her. In some of the videos that went viral on social media, Nicki Minaj was seen fangirling, Taylor Swift. Calling her the biggest winner of the night, she held the phone to pose with her.

It was back in 2015 when Nicki Minaj was having some drama with Taylor Swift. She then went with a complaint about not being nominated for the Video of the Year. She accused them of nominating the women with slim bodies and not nominating her in the same year.

In reply to this, Taylor Swift came forward and said she has done nothing but loved her and supported her. And it is so much not like Nicki Minaj to attack any woman. The rapper, later on, clarified that it was not for Taylor Swift and everything was nothing but a misunderstanding between them.

When it comes to the current scenario then everything is fine between these two. It can be seen through the video that was uploaded by Nicki Minaj on her social media handle where she was praising Taylor Swift and calling her a winner.

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