Jennifer Lopez Was Looking Stunning As Bride In Feather Dress!

Jennifer Lopez Update: It is very important to wear a perfect dress on a perfect day. And if it is marriage then one should look nothing less than a fairy. Marriage is almost a dream come true for a lot of people and that’s what can be seen in the life of celebrities.

Among them is the newly married couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck who recently got married again. At the wedding, Jennifer Lopez was looking very beautiful with a feather skirt and a long veil.

We know that Jennifer Lopez carries the fashion like no one other. And that is the reason why she decided to have the best of all dress for her wedding day.

She was wearing this dress for a wedding reception. Coming to the actor then he was wearing Ralph Lauren on 20 August 2022.

Jennifer Lopez was wearing a faded skirt with short sleeves. It had a sign called Dear Ben that was visible in her 20-foot-long veil. The gentle wind has given a different kind of enhancement to the dress. She was walking along with her new husband and looking over the river. Ben Affleck was wearing a matching white jacket with black pants to suit the whole attire.Jennifer Lopez

Both were seen posing for the videographer and photographer. Sometimes it was a solo picture while other times the couple define love through some poses. Their kids were also there and examined the whole ceremony by being a witness to this beautiful moment. The whole ceremony was under the control of or officiated by Jay Shetty.

The party was planned long ago and it was decided that they are going to get married at the property of the actor. It was A 87-acre property which was too much for not this the couple but also for the guest. Coming to her dress then it was of a round neckline and her hair was open for the event.

The couple got reunited in April 2021 and got engaged after 1 year of dating. It was in April 2022 when Ben Affleck decided to propose to his lady love and she accepted. After some months couple got married on 16 July in a chapel and made it official.

The only reason behind having a grand wedding is to celebrate. They held the wedding for 3 days which was different from their legal wedding. They always wanted a grand wedding for their happiness and that’s what happened in presence of their friends and kids.

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