Britney Spears Wished Belated Happy Birthday To Madonna Through A Post!

Britney Spears shared a post on her Instagram to wish her friend Madonna her Birthday. The friendship between two celebrities is something that has always been loved by people.

Whether it is related to their attachment in professional life or personal life, they always love to see them having a company with each other. Their friendship is also visible not just in their real life but also in their social life.

And among them are Britney Spears and Madonna. Britney Spears recently wished Madonna a very happy birthday through a post.

We know at the friendship between Britney Spears and Madonna got enhanced in the past few months. The 40-year-old singer has shown off her best work performance in an Instagram post for her birthday of Madonna. She has also shared some pictures where both of them were seen embracing each other at the wedding of Britney Spears.

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Here you can check out the post by Britney Spears

By sharing all these posts, Britney Spears made sure to wish Madonna a belated birthday as she turned 64 on 16 August 2022.

In the pictures, we can see Madonna wearing a colorful dress while Britney Spears was wearing a red mini dress. Madonna was looking very beautiful in her makeup look and open hair while Britney Spears kept her quite natural. In the caption, the singer has written that she can’t get over the fact that Madonna appeared at her wedding.

She has also uploaded a video where Britney Spears was seen wearing a black crop top and posing in different styles by doing some hands step. She has written a big caption saying that she never finishes.

In the video, we can bear the song Madonna gave called Vogue which was released in 1990 and was shot around a half year ago. She felt that it was an appropriate time to share with the fans on the occasion of Madonna’s birthday.

After this post of Britney, a lot of fans came forward and commented that these two are legends. They have even called them the queen of pop and said that no one can beat them and their friendship.

It was recently when Madonna said that she wants to collaborate with Britney as Elton John has opened doors for others. These two have already collaborated on the song but when it comes to the recent one then it has not been confirmed. We are going to see them again in a song or even in a music video.

Coming to Britney then she got married to some and lived a happy life. She is also going through some difficult times in her life as her ex-husband Kevin has said something rude about her. Britney Spears came forward on social media and expressed her feelings.

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