Angelina Jolie Was Emotional After Leaving Her Daughter Zahara To College!

Angelina Jolie has always been a great mother to her daughter Zahara, and it’s the time for Zhara’s college Admissions. It is very hard for any parent to bid farewell to their children as they are making new journeys in their life. It brings a lot of joy for the parents to see their children growing up but at the same time, it is quite heartbreaking as they will go away from them. Talking about any celebrities who are going through it then we have quite a few names. Among them is the actress Angelina Jolie who felt quite emotional when her daughter Zahara is moving into college. She felt very emotional as she bid farewell to her.

Angelina Jolie was seen emotional Leaving Her Daughter Zahara To College!

The 47-year-old actress Angelina Jolie is very grateful as her daughter is growing up. Her old daughter whose name is Zahara is now starting her new life and that is a college journey. She dropped her daughter who is 17 years old in Atlanta on 10 August. For her, this feeling is sweet but at the same time quite bitter because she has to go through some emotional changes in her life.

Angelina Jolie Was Emotional After Leaving Her Daughter Zahara To College

Angelina Jolie is always close to all her children and especially her oldest one called Zahara. They have spent some extra time before the college journey as she wanted to spend all the moment before missing her little girl. They have gone grocery shopping and also the things related to school. They also went shopping for work and some school supplies and everything that was needed for a comfortable room so that she can live comfortably on her campus.

The mother and daughter duo has also toured the school before getting enrolled. Angelina Jolie was quite happy that her daughter has started a new journey in this beautiful place. She thought the school was an excellent one and was happy that her baby will be growing up in such a great environment.

She almost cried and felt quite excited related to the last moment before going to college. They met the school president during the official campus tour. The classes will be starting on 17 August after orientation which started on 10 August. Angelina Jolie was with her daughter for a few days in Atlanta and she has decided to stay a little longer till the time Zahara gets settled.

It is not at all easy for her to leave the daughter but she knows that it is for her good. She decided to visit her from time to time.

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