Kleo Netflix Series Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything we know so far

The drama, produced by Haribos, Richard, Bob Konrad, and Hanno Hackfort, follows Kleo, an agent who gets instructions from the Stasi to assassinate a businessman but afterward hands her in, condemning her to life in prison.

Netflix is considered one of the top streaming services in the world, which implies it has some of the best shows, right from Bridgerton to Stranger Things to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and, eventually, The Old Guard.

The action film series is one of the various genres available on Netflix, and it is a genre that is growing in popularity. In From, The Cold was published, and it quickly became by far one of the finest suspense series to ever appear on Netflix.

Kleo, a show based on German integration, is also set to hit the big screen. Kleo is issued two years following her arrest, formally beginning her search for the authorities who handed her in.

Kleo Release Date:


The international premiere of the action-thriller series featuring Jella Haase as Kleo will take place on August 19, 2022, on Netflix. Kleo transports the viewer to the dynamic Berlin of the early 1990s, with a combustible combination of action and drama, as well as a healthy dose of humor.

The streaming service announced on July 1st that shooting for the thriller series had begun and was taking place in Berlin and Mallorca. The Netflix-exclusive series is expected to include eight episodes. If shooting and production go as expected, we may expect the series to launch on the scheduled date.

The Cast

Jella Haase, best known for her role in “Suck Me Shakespeare,” will play Kleo the Bandit. The performer has won acclaim and was even nominated for Best Actress at the German Film Awards in 2014. The rest of the cast includes:
Julius Feldmeier
Dimitrij Schaad
Vladimir Burlakov
Thandi Sebe
Yuan Huang
Alessija Lause
Rodrigo Rojo
Jurgen Heinrich
Markus Vonlingen
Toni Pons
Simon Eckert

The Plot


The show, set in the nineteenth century, relates the narrative of a secret mission that did not go as planned for Kleo. Kleo is captured by the Stasi authorities who recruited her for the assassination days following she implements a directive to assassinate a businessman.

Kleo is condemned to imprisonment, but after just two years, she is freed, only to discover that there’s more coming for her outside. With the barrier broken, Kleo finds herself in the middle of all the intrigue, which fuels her need for vengeance even more.

Despite the knowledge that the West Berlin police are on her tail, she is compelled to make her backstabbers pay.


Kleo, the forthcoming criminal drama show that will be accessible solely on Netflix in Germany, has gotten a fresh new official trailer that presents the program as brimming with personality, action scenes, and comic elements.

Kleo revolves around a woman named Kleo Straub, portrayed by Jella Haase. Hanno Hackfort, Richard Kropf, and Bob Konrad, whose past projects include the TV show 4 Blocks and the initial German-language Amazon Original You Are Wanted, wrote and produced it. She is a former assassin from East Germany who proceeds on a murdering spree fueled by vengeance, similar to The Bride in Kill Bill.

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