Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Were Seen Again In Paris With Their Child!

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her birthday with Ben Affleck and Kids in Paris. There are a lot of couples in Hollywood who has given there back to back appearance just after having one of the best moment in their life.

Sometimes it is related to marriage while other times it is related to becoming parents. In the last few weeks, we have seen a lot of celebrities becoming parents as well as becoming husband and wife to each other. Coming to the phase of marriage then Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are loving it.

The couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are giving their back-to-back appearance after the wedding that happened on 16 July. The newly married husband and wife have recently celebrated the 53rd birthday of Jennifer Lopez. She was seen with her husband and kids while celebrating her birthday in Paris.

The couple was with their child, Jennifer Garner who is 16 years old, Seraphina, and Violet who is 13 years old. They were also with the children of Jennifer Lopez- Max and Emme who are 14 years old.

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, and Kids in Paris

Jennifer Lopez
Daily Mail
Jennifer Lopez

The couple was seen very relaxed and were holding hands in love. Ben Affleck was seen wearing a blue button-down shirt under a t-shirt with dark pants and sneakers.

When it comes to Jennifer Lopez then she was seen in a blue dress with a high collar and a shoe. She was also seen carrying a matching handbag and her hair was tied in a bun.

Adding very minimal accessories, Jennifer Lopez just went with a few earrings and sunglasses. When it comes to their children then they were wearing casual clothes and accompanied their parents.

It was just after their marriage, and the couple are roaming around the city. They got married in Las Vegas on 16 July along with other 4 couples. The singer has informed this news through her newsletters and called love is very beautiful and kind.

Jennifer Lopez also said that the 20 years of separation was actually 20 years of patients and they are very happy together. It was just a few days ago when the couple was seen enjoying time with their kids in a restaurant. According to the eyewitness, the couple was celebrating their marriage on the terrace of the restaurant with all their kids.

According to the source, the couple is planning to have a larger wedding somewhere soon in Georgia. It is going to happen at Ben Affleck’s property which is of massive 87 acres. The couple is also looking forward to having more fun in the City and giving attention to each other rather than focusing on the news.

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