Jennifer Lopez Shows of Her Wedding Band As She Gets Back to Work At Dance Studio

On July 18, Jennifer Lopez visited a dancing class in Los Angeles with that wedding glow. The stunning newlywed had her wedding band and engagement ring on show while out, even though she seemed exhausted and wanted to dodge the paparazzi photographers.

She opted for a casual look by donning snakeskin leggings, a long-sleeved blouse, shoes, and sunglasses. Despite getting hitched to Ben Affleck only two days earlier, Jen returned to work on the following Monday.

Fans were astonished when Jen and Ben revealed on July 17 that they had eloped the night before in Las Vegas.

Just over three months had passed since Ben gently asked Jennifer to marry him while she was having a bath at home. These two have a far longer history than that.

They had previously been engaged in 2002 and were scheduled to wed in September 2003, but they called off the nuptials only a few days beforehand. In the end, they ended up divorcing in 2004, and it took them until 2021 to get back together.

But this time, they DID make it to the altar, and there are more on the way. A larger ceremony with guests is scheduled for later this month for Jen and Ben.

According to reports, Ben’s Georgia home will host the second wedding, which will be a far more expensive event.

On July 17, Jennifer stated in her newsletter, “We did it.” “Love is lovely. Love is nice. Love is also tolerant. twenty years of endurance She made another note of their arduous path to marriage later in the letter after mentioning their 20-year relationship in the letter’s introduction.

Jennifer Lopez

If you hang around long enough, she gushed, “you could find the finest moment of your life in a tunnel love drive-through in Las Vegas at twelve-thirty in the morning, with your kids and the one you’ll spend forever with.”

Ben has three children with Jennifer Garner, while Jennifer has two children with Marc Anthony. They are now a legally recognized mixed family!

Jennifer Lopez
New York Post

Fans were startled when Jen and Ben revealed on July 17 that they had fled Las Vegas the previous evening. Just over three months had passed since Ben secretly proposed to Jennifer as she was taking a shower at home.

Naturally, there is a long history between these two. Originally set to get married in September 2003 after getting engaged in 2002, they decided to postpone the event a few days beforehand. They split up in 2004 and did not get back together until 2021, which was 17 years later.

This time, though, they did go down the aisle, and there is a tonne of material to explain where it’s coming from.

A larger ceremony including friends and family will be held for Jen and Ben Affleck later this month. The second wedding is reportedly scheduled for the Bens’ Georgia mansion and is expected to be a far more expensive event.

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