Shirley Setia looking like fire in pool

Shirley Setia the internet sensation and new actress has recently posted one of the hottest videos of herself on her Instagram profile, where she has 7.4 Million followers.

The singer has recently done her second film in Bollywood starring Shilpa Shetty and Abhimanyu Dasani which was a disaster in theaters, yet her role in the film was appreciated because of her cuteness and fresh face.

Shirley Setia hot video in a pool

5 Days ago Shirley Setia has posted a video on her Instagram profile where she can be seen inside a pool in a very very hot bathing gown.

The video is from a hotel pool and she can be seen enjoying the evening in the open-air personal pool, the video has been taken by herself.

Shirley can be seen in maroon color hot dress and her body is glooming inside the water in the evening.

The post has already got half a million likes and thousand of comments.

One user has written: “No one is looking at your cute face Shirley”

Another fan has commented: Kitna pyar chehra h par koi dyan he nhi de raha ??

I must admit her cuteness and hot body is really mesmerising.

In another picture of her Shirley Setia can be seen in a very bold dress she has also posted a few more posts in this dress.

Although Shirley Setia is famous for her cover songs on youtube and concerts worldwide. She had become an internet sensation from her Youtube Channel named “Shirley Setia” because of her cute face and voice later she started working with Bollywood musicians.

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Later she started her acting career with the Hindi movie “Maska” which was an average movie and she has two more films one Telugu and another Bollywood named Nikamma, and “Krishan Vrinda Vihari”.

She is looking extremely hot and beautiful in another video of herself.


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