Kim Kardashian Has Some Advice For Pete Davidson For The Kardashians 2!

Kim Kardashian Update: There are a lot of reality shows that have worked very well and especially those that are based on the life of celebrities. Everyone wants to get some glimpses of the personal and professional lives of their celebrities and that is the reason why such reality shows get a lot of views and popularity.

Among them is a reality show called The Kardashians that got huge love from fans. When it comes to The Kardashians Season 2 then Kim Kardashian has some advice to give to her boyfriend Pete Davidson.

We have seen some little glimpses of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson on the first season of The Kardashians. And that is the reason why the couple is looking forward to The Kardashians Season 2. Kim Kardashian is ready for unfolding some of her personal life and love on her upcoming reality show.

Davidson is very good at TV shows but when it comes to this kind of reality show then he has some difficulties. And that is the reason why his girlfriend Kim Kardashian has advised him on something related to the filming as she became a master in it.

Kim Kardashian

According to the source of HollywoodLife, it was different for Davidson to do the reality show The Kardashians as he is not in any character or doing any kind of comedy. He has a different serious side that fans have never known and he was not sure whether they will like him in a different character or not.

So to give some advice, Kim Kardashian has said that Davidson does not have to become funny all the time. And that is not the reason why she loves Davidson just because he is funny.

The source told: “Kim reassured him that he will be fine and just to pretend that the cameras are not there. She knows that Pete is a genuine and kind person and that, no matter what, audiences would be able to see this as well”.

Pete Davidson also doesn’t want their personal life to get affected by the cameras and the reality show. And that is the reason why Kim Kardashian has never forced him to do the filming. But she was very happy when Davidson decided to join the cast for the show.

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