Young Rock Season 2: Update On Release Date & Other Update

Season 2 of the comedy series Young Rock is coming to the UK soon and will discuss the life story of Dwayne Johnson. Dwayne works as a narrator for the series, presenting the history of his childhood and reflecting on a successful life from 2032 when he ran for president.

The series is based on family ideas, and how Dwayne Johnson was inspired by his father and supported by other relatives to start the life he led.

What is Young Rock about?

Where to start… Young Rock traces Dwayne Johnson’s fictional account from his childhood, his American football career in college, to his time as a wrestler at The Rock. For the second season, Dwayne became heavily involved in the wrestling and controversy surrounding becoming a professional wrestler himself.

The series will cover more than a decade of Dwayne’s life, ranging from ten to 20 years. The series also features Dwayne himself, talking to TV presenter Randall Park, who also plays him, about his early life, family, and aspirations as president of the United States.

Young Rock Season 2

Dwayne and Randall both play their own fictional versions that deal with real life, but the most played events in Dwayne’s life. The result is a bizarre mix of realities and myths often set for real-life scenes such as Made In Chelsea.

When is the UK release date for the Young Rock Season 2?

The second season of Young Rock was broadcast on NBC in the US between March and May this year. The second season will be available for viewing in the UK on Sky Comedy and NOW with a double bill on June 24th. Upcoming episodes will be released weekly.

Who are the characters?

Shockingly no one, Dwayne Johnson returns to play his 2032 version. He will recognize Johnson from his eight years at WWE as The Rock. Since leaving wrestling he has pursued a lucrative career and his films have made more than $ 10 billion worldwide.

He has starred with ‘Dwayne Johnson in a number of hit films including Jungle Cruise, Rampage, Red Notice, San Andreas, and Fast and Furious Five. films.

R Randall Park also starred in his critically acclaimed version when he stopped acting to become a TV presenter/journalist and interviewed The Rock about his life. Park is best known as a comedian and actor, having previously starred as Jimmy Woo on Marvel’s Ant-Man and Wasp projects, as well as WandaVision, and as dictator Kim in the Interview.

Will it be Young Rock Season 2?

Yes, the third season of Young Rock was confirmed on May 12, 2022, and the release date for spring 2023 is possible.

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