Tell Me Your Wish Season 1: New Netflix K-Drama And The Cast Members

Tell Me Your Wish Season 1 Update: Director of popular South Korean series like ‘The Cursed’ and ‘Love Cells’, Kim Yong An has directed the upcoming K-drama ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ that is arriving on Netflix with its first season consisting of sixteen episodes. Though the release date of the series has not been announced yet, it is confirmed that the series will be able to be streamed sometime in 2022 only.

The plot of the series revolves around a man named Yoon Gyeo Rye. Rye Rye’s life has been troubled from its beginning. He grew up in an orphanage. A big part of his youth was spent inside a detention center for juveniles and eventually, he ended up in prison.

This troubled past of him prevented Gyeo Rye from entering into normal life. But when he due to some incident starts to volunteer at a hospice, he meets a nurse named Seo Yeon Joo and a leader Kang Tae Shik.

Ji Chang Wook will be seen playing the role of Yoon Gye Ree in the series. Other cast members of the series include Choi Soo Young, Sung Dong II, Won Ji An, Yang Hee Kyung, Kil Hae Yoon, Yoo Soon Woong, Jeon Chae Eun, Park Jin Joo, Park Jung Pyo, Kim Yannie, etc.

Ji Chang-Wook as Yoon Gye Ree:
The protagonist of the series Yoon Gye Ree is played by the South Korean actor cum singer Ji Chang-Wook. His fame rose when he starred as Dong-hae in K-drama Smile Again’. Chang-Wook began his acting career with the film Days…’ in 2006.

In 2010 he was cast in the Korean slasher movie ‘Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp’ as Soo-il. In 2013, 2015, and 2017 he made cameo appearances in three films ‘How to Use Guys with Secret Tips’, ‘The Long Way Home’, and ‘The Bros.

In the 2017 film, ‘Fabricated City’ Chang-wook played the role of Kwon Yoo. His latest film is Kim Chang-Ju’s thriller film ‘Hard Hit’ where he was cast as the main antagonist Jin-woo.

Tell Me Your Wish Season 1

Chang-works television acting career began with a series titled ‘You Stole My Heart’ in 2008. The next year he played the role of Song Mi-poong in ‘My Too Perfect Sons’. From 2009 to 2010 he appeared in ‘Hero’ as Park Jun-Yeong. In the South Korean tv series Smile Again’ Chang-Wook was cast as Carl Laker / Dong-hae from 2010 to 2011.

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His other important characters included Baek Dong-soo in ‘Warrior Baek Dong-soo’, Han Tae-yang in ‘Bachelor’s Vegetable Store’, Yoo In-ha in ‘Five Fingers’, Toghon Temür in ‘Empress Ki’, Seo Jung-hoo in ‘Healer’, Kim Je-ha in ‘The K2’, Noh Ji-Wook in ‘Suspicious Partner’, Ma Dong-chan in ‘Melting Me Softly’, Choi Dae-Hyun in ‘Backstreet Rookie’, Yoon Gyeo-ree in ‘If You Say Your Wish’ etc.

Choi Soo Young as Seo Yeon Joo:
South Korean actress Choi Soo-young has played the role of Seo Yeon Joo. Before starring as the main character of Oh-wol in the 2021 South Korean rom-com movie ‘New Year Blues’, Soo Young appeared in other films such as ‘Hello, Schoolgirl’, ‘I AM.’, ‘The Poem, My Old Mother’,

‘Memories of a Dead End’, ‘Girl Cops’, ‘A Little Princess’ etc. She began her tv series acting career with ‘Unstoppable Marriage’. From 2012 to 2021 she was cast as the lead character in the tv series ‘The Third Hospital’, ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’, ‘My Spring Days’, ‘Squad 38’, ‘Man in the Kitchen’, ‘Tell Me What You Saw’, ‘Run On’. In 2022 she made a special appearance as a top star in ‘Uncle’.

Sung Dong II as Kang Tae Shik:
South Korean actor Sung Dong-il will be seen playing the role of Kang Tae Shik in the upcoming series. The films in which he has starred are ‘Take Off’, ‘Foxy Festival’, ‘Children…’, ‘The Suicide Forecast’, ‘The Client’, ‘S.I.U.’, ‘Miss Conspirator’, ‘The Suck Up Project: Mr. XXX-Kisser’,

‘The Grand Heist, ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Mr. Go’, ‘Miss Granny’, ‘Thread of Lies’, ‘Chronicle of a Blood Merchant, ‘The Accidental Detective’, ‘Circle of Atonement’, ‘Because I Love You’, ‘The King’, ‘Real’, ‘Midnight Runners’, ‘RV: Resurrected Victims’, ‘The Chase’, ‘The Accidental Detective 2: In Action’, ‘Love+Sling’, ‘The Great Battle’, ‘Pawn’, ‘The Cursed’: Dead Man’s Prey’ etc.

Sung Dong II has acted in a number of tv series which include ‘Love In 3 Colors’, ‘Lovers in Paris’, ‘Green Rose’, ‘Fashion 70’s’, ‘Please Come Back, Soon-ae’, ‘Witch Yoo Hee’, ‘Get Karl! Oh, Soo-Jung, ‘New Heart’, ‘The Slave Hunters’, ‘My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho’, ‘Thr Fugitive: Plan B’, ‘Can’t Lose’, ‘Reply 1997’ etc.

From 2012 to 2021 she has made cameo appearances in series such as ‘Haeundae Lovers’, ‘Iris II: New Generation’, ‘Pied Piper’, ‘Dear My Friends’, ‘The K2’, ‘The Package’, ‘Chief of Staff Season 2, ‘Hospital Playlist’ and ‘Hospital Playlist 2’.

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