Moto Edge 20 Series: Moto’s feature pack smartphones

Motorola edge 20 series launched in August 2021. Although it has great design, display, specifications, and battery backup. Moto is trying harder to compete, within the price range and making a space in it.

Moto Edge 20 series had two smartphones on offer:
-Moto Edge 20
-Moto Edge 20 Fusion

Both of these devices have great specifications and could be recommended in 2022. Here is a brief comparison of these phones with an all-over comparison.

Design: The design of Moto Edge 20 is very minimalistic. It has a great plain design with a big camera bump at the back. The sides are aluminum flat and the edges are curved around.

Moto Edge 20 fusion has almost the same matt finish back design with curved sides and edges rather. The camera module in the 20 fusion is redesigned.

Both the phones have a plastic back panel but feel more premium on offer.
As compared to competitors, these devices feel premium personally, being minimal and basic in design because everything is integrated well into the smartphone. Even Motorola devices are known for their sturdiness and build quality so they are much better on that front.

Display: Both, the Moto Edge 20 and Edge 20 Fusion have an OLED panel. The edge 20 has a 144 Hz Refresh Rate but the Edge 20 Fusion has a 90Hz refresh rate. Both the display of the phone has 10-bit displays that are, more saturated and vibrant colors.

Moto Edge 20 Series
Some of the competitors don’t even get this high refresh rate and OLED display which makes these devices prominent.

Specifications: Moto Edge 20 has Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G 5G processor whereas Moto Edge 20 Fusion has MediaTek Dimensity 800U processor. Both of these processors are 5G enabled and performs well. The Moto interface has Stock Android with no bloatware and has no such performance issue as most of the competitors have bloatware in their UI.

Camera Specifications: Camera specifications are where the Moto Edge 20 series lags a little behind. There are some great camera processing phones such as the Pixel 5a or the 4a. The main camera has a 108MP camera which has SD and the MediaTek processor for processing.

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Battery: Moto Edge 20 has a 4000mAh battery capacity whereas the 20 Fusion has 5000mAh. Both of the batteries can be charged by a 30W fast charger that comes out of the box. Although few of the competitors have much more fast chargers. Also, they have a larger battery capacity.

Connectivity: Moto edge 20 has 11 bands whereas the Edge 20 Fusion has 13 bands with 5G support. Some of the competitors have even fewer 5G bands. The phone has Wi-Fi 6e alongside with latest Bluetooth.

Moto Edge 20 series can be one of the options to buy in 2022. Being an old smartphone but it can still be used because this phone doesn’t feel like a year old with great features.

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