Did you know: Christian Bale Was Almost Casted as Superman Before The Batman?

Christian Charles Philip Bale is known as Christian Bale born on 30 January 1974 in Haverfordwest, Wales. He is an Oscar-winning actor. He was well known for the role played in the movie The Dark Knight which was released in 2008, Ford v Ferrari Ken Miles in 2019, Harsh Times in 2005, Newsies in 1992. 

Bale’s best movie was, The dark knight which was directed by Christopher Nolan, Empire of the sun in 1987, The New World in 2005, I’m not there in 2007, The prestige in 2006, Little women in 1994, American Psycho in 2000, batman begins 2005, Ford v Ferrari 2019, American hustle in 2013 and many more.  

Christian Bale Was Almost Cast as Superman Before The Batman?

Christian Bale

Bale played a crucial part in making DC universe worldwide famous with his performance in The Dark Knight along with Heath Ledger who played the role of Joker which is still considered one of the best acting performances in the world.  

But not many knew that before playing Batman, Bale was also offered to play Superman in the early 2000s. Andrew Walker, who is the screenwriter of the movie Sev7en, wrote the script of Batman vs Superman, and Bale was approached to play Superman in it. The movie was supposed to be directed by Wolfgang Peterson.  

Peterson said in an interview, “The studio got a single Superman script I think from J.J. Abrams at that time, and [Warner Bros. chief] Alan Horn was so torn – because it’s such a fascinating concept to do a Batman versus Superman film.

And I still think it would be to do that. But the studio decided to try [a] separate version of Superman and Batman, and then maybe think about down the road if you want to bring them together in one film.” 

The reason to shelve the project was that it was too dark for the audience at that time. Another script was written by Akiva Goldsman but, it did not reach the production stage. 

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