The Bad Seed Returns: Update On Release Date & What we know

Directed by Louise Archambault, The Bad Seed Returns is an upcoming American horror drama film. The movie is going to premiere on 30th May 2022 on Lifetime during Memorial Day.

Written by the trio of Mckenna Grace, Ross Burge, and Barbara Marshall, Bad Seed Returns is a sequel to Rob Lowe’s (Lifetime’s film) 2018 remake “The Bad Seed” which is based on a best-selling psychological horror novel published in 1954 written by American novelist William March and its stage adaptation by Maxwell Anderson.

Mckenna Grace, an entertainer, and director collaborated on The Bad Seed Returns with her father, Ross Burge, her mother, Crystal Burge, and Mark Wolper, who directed the 2018 film.

The star cast of the movie includes Mckenna Grace as Emma, Michelle Morgan as Aunt Angela, Ella Dixon as Kat, Benjamin Ayres as Robert Costa, and Patty McCormack as Dr. March.

The Bad Seed Returns: Update On Release Date & What we know

The Bad Seed Returns

The movie premise is about the story of a 15-year-old teenage girl named Emma, who is seemingly typically similar to other teenage girls but she is more than that. The Bad Seed Returns follows the life of grace after the murderous incident Death of her father (Lowe) by her own hand.

In this movie, she is living with her aunt Angela and navigating high school, but her sinister dark personality cannot be concealed for so long. As she is suspected by her aunt’s husband, he notices that Emma may not be as innocent as she appears and suggests sending her off to boarding school.

Meanwhile, the ruthless murder begins when a new girl at Emma’s school seems to be familiar with Emma’s secrets, resulting in Emma the only option being to shut her down by slipping back into her old ways and beat up all her obstacle by any means crossing all the limits.

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