Chris Evans Was Seen Kissing Ana de Armas As He Was Shooting For Ghosted!

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are shooting for Ghosted, and while shooting for the film, Chris Evans kissed Ana de Armas on a boat. Everything has finally been on track after the pandemic and that is the reason why a lot of series and movies are moving on the track.

Theatres almost all over the world are now open and that is the reason why the shooting of the movies and series has also started. Talking about the movies then we can see that a lot of movies are coming this year and also for 2023. And that is the reason why the shooting of these movies are going totally related to the schedule.

Talking about the shooting and we have recently spotted the actor Chris Evans with the actress Ana de Armas while he was shooting for a movie called Ghosted.

Chris Evans has a kissing scene with Ana de Armas in Ghosted

Chris Evans

The actor Chris Evans is known for his role as Captain America but apart from his Marvel movie we also know him through a lot of other movies. And one of them is going to be his upcoming movie called Ghosted. Recently we spotted the actor shooting with Ana de Armas in Washington DC.

When we talk about the actions of Chris Evans then he is a master in it and at the same time, his bulky body works as a cherry on the cake.

The 40-year-old actor was seen filming a kissing scene with 34-year-old actress Ana de Armas. These all things were going just for their upcoming movie Ghosted. They were both spotted at the Recreation Pier on Wednesday 4th May. While they both were doing a kissing scene we have seen them involved laughing and hanging out with other crew members.

When it comes to the movie called Ghosted then the plot has not been discussed by the makers. According to the sources of Hollywood reporters, the movie is high romantic action. It is also going to be an adventure movie.

When it comes to the actors then Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are not just serving as the actors or the cast of this project but also the producer. This project is a project of Apple. If we talk about the direction of this movie then it is directed by Dexter Fletcher.

If we talk about the look of the actors while they were shooting then we have seen the 40-year-old actor wearing a blue t-shirt while on the other hand the actress was seen wearing a leather jacket. We have also seen Chris wearing sunglasses after doing the scenery of kissing.


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