The Wilds Season 2: Release Date Update & What we know so far

The Wilds Season 2 Update: There is a lot of American drama television series that have been released on the OTT platform. If we talk about the OTT platform then the most famous one is Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. If we talk about any recent release that is coming in some days then a lot of series are going released on such platform.

Whether it is any drama or any television series or any movie, they have a lot more to show us. If we talk about any television series in America that has a lot of drama and then we have some names for it. Among such names would be the name of a series called The Wilds which is coming up with its second season.

The Wilds is an American television series that has a lot of drama inculcated in it. The series has been created by Sarah for an OTT platform called Amazon Prime Video. The series has released its just one season and has got a lot of popularity.

If we talk about production companies then Amazon is also one of them who is producing. There are also many Executive Producers and among them is also the creator of the series.

The Wilds Season 2: Release Date Update & More

The Wilds Season 2

The Wilds has released the first of its season with a running time of 42 to 60 minutes. It released the first-ever episode on 11 December 2020. It was directed by Susanna.

The series had 10 episodes on the 10th named Day 23. If we talk about the release of its second season then it is about to release next month. The Wilds season 2 is coming on 6 May 2022 only on Amazon Prime Video. The expected number of episodes is ten, as in the first season.

If we talk about the plot of this series then it is about a group of teenage girls. All these girls are from different backgrounds and are on airplanes. This airplane crashes while going to Hawaii.

All the teenage girls survive this crash and they learn about each other. The characters are unaware of the fact that this crash was the situation listed. The girls do some adventures on the island while having some flashback scenes from their life.

The cast of The Wilds  Season 2 would be almost the same as the first one: Sophia Ali, Shannon Berry, Reign Edwards, Erana James, Mia Healey, Helena Howard, Jenna Clause, and Sarah Pidgeon.

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