Selling Sunset Season 5: Must Watch Series Like Season 5

Selling Sunset Season 5 Update: But you’ll be happy to know you’re complete While we wait for word on when we’ll receive additional episodes of Selling Sunset, Netflix and other networks are brimming with comparable series that you can dive right into.

Here are 7 shows that are similar to Selling Sunset and will fill the void left in your life after you’ve binge-watched all of the current seasons. If you’re looking for some escape, you’ve come to the right place.

Must Watch Series Like Selling Sunset Season 5

1. Million Dollar Beach House

Selling a million-dollar beach house should be the next greatest thing to selling a sunset. It’s effectively the same principle but set in the Hamptons with posh beach mansions. The series follows a mostly male ensemble from the brokerage firm Nest Seekers International.

These agents on the east shore of Long Island, New York, sell mega-dollar properties. Of course, similar to Selling Sunset, it will also reveal all of the turmoil in their private lives.

The competition is fierce, as well as the drama is palpable as a bunch of young and eager agents strive to clinch the deal on luxury properties in the Hamptons, according to the Netflix synopsis.

2. The real housewives

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the show to watch if you really want tension and drama the same as Selling Sunset. The Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, New Jersey, New York City, Atlanta, Miami, and Cheshire are among the many real housewives shows.

You simply get to see most of the drama that the women get themselves into and that they all live in beautiful mansions and, obviously, have wealthy husbands.

3. Tiny house nation

Tiny House Nation is indeed an interior makeover program. If you like the interior part of Selling Sunset, Tiny House Nation is exactly what you should watch next, interior makeover shows are kind of on a much smaller scale. The show follows presenter John Weisbarth and remodeling specialist Zack Giffin as they journey around the United States socializing with various people who are building small houses to live in.

Consider hidden storage and tricks to create rooms that appear larger when they aren’t. Even if the properties on Selling Sunset are a million miles apart in size, this program still will make your head explode.

4. Selling Tampa
What’s better than a real spin-off of a show like Selling Sunset? On December 15th, Netflix released Selling Tampa, a series all about a luxury real estate office in Florida.

Selling Sunset Season 5

The fresh females are regarded as feisty and vivacious, and the luxurious residences they sell this time are beautiful beachfront waterfront estates on Florida’s Suncoast

The program will consist of eight 45-minute episodes so as to properly stoke our passion for luxury homes and drama.

5. Queer Eye
You should definitely watch Queer Eye if you’ve not already. And even if you have, you are unlikely to recall all of the episodes, so you can likely revisit a few scenes and still like it. In addition, there will be additional episodes later in the month!

Queer Eye is indeed the ideal perfect treat in reality tv. Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, and Karamo Brown are the stars of the show. Its mission is to dramatically transform the lives of those selected for the program.

They alter all aspects of their lives, from physical appearances to lifestyles and food habits advice. Bobby Berk is in control of interior design, which includes transforming the nominees’ homes.

6. Instant hotel
This Netflix series is similar to Four in a Bed, but it takes place in posh Airbnbs in Australia. The participants visit one another and stay at their homes in order to be voted for the greatest value for the money. From amazing penthouse grandeur to subterranean adaptations, the interiors have it all.

They also fight a lot about who gets to remain in the master suite. If the drama of Selling Sunset was what got you into it, this show would be a great match for you!

7. Dream home makeover
If you enjoy beautiful homes and magical interiors, you must watch Dream Home Makeover immediately now. There are presently two seasons available on Netflix, with more on the way.

The story follows Syd & Shea McGee, the influential couple driving Studio McGee, an interior design firm. Shea, who works as an interior designer, designed the couple’s dream property and began sharing photos of it on Instagram. As a result, they decided to create their own company.

This series follows them as they renovate homes of people, and they’re all stunning. Dreams definitely come true with actual families seeking the perfect house personalized to their own distinctive style, courtesy to Shea & Syd McGee of Studio McGee.

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