Kim Kardashian Reacts to Kanye West Over His Song on Pete Davidson

Reality Star Kim Kardashian Shows Her Anger For Singer Kanye West On Making A Violent Video Music. As we have heard Kim Kardashian is over all of this drama and wants an end to this.

Told by a source about how the celebrity Kim Kardashian reacted to Kanye West’s new music album “Eazy”. So here we have written how she actually took the music video released by her ex Kanye West.

The “Eazy” music video was the breakpoint for Kim Kardashian as she got really furious, she finds it disgusting how someone could go that low.

In the latest released video by Ye, this forty-four years old singer and rapper displayed us clearly how he abducted, tied up Pete, and then buried him deep in a pit, we saw all of this on an indirect clayed version of Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson, is an actor and comedian by profession.

What does Kanye West say about Pete Davidson?

Kim Kardashian
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What we know about Kanye West is that he makes sure you know how much he’s worth. In a recent interview with Kanye, the rapper corrected Jason Lee on a show and he said that he was not just a “billion-dollar man” but actually a $10 billion man, he seemed really proud of it.

“God saved Kanye from that crash that happened a few months ago and , just so he could beat Pete Davidson’s ass this is what Kanye West said in the lyrics of his song, he was directly mocking Pete Davidson badly on Saturday Night Live.

Before all of this could happen, Kanye West vocalized his disagreement of their eldest child North having a TikTok “against the will of Kanye West”

The source tells that Kardashian “does not understand how Kanye can get upset about North being on TikTok yet he can put out these kinds of videos. It makes no sense to her.”

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