Best Smartphones to Buy in 2022! Under $400 to $1200 USD

Best Smartphones to buy in 2022! To help you find the best one, we have included our selection of the best phones we can buy in 2022. Every phone in this list is thoroughly updated and tested, from battery life to camera performance.

Let’s have a look at the Best Smartphones to Buy in 2022!

 Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Best Mobile

The iPhone 13 Pro is Apple’s leading phone and has scored well in our research. The new smartphone adds a third-party rear camera with 3x optical zoom (2x for the iPhone 12), a stainless steel body, and an advertising display with up to 120Hz resolution for better shooting.

$ 999 at Apple Store

$ 999 at Amazon

 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra


Like Samsung’s elite 2021 flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has an impressive 6.8-inch AMOLED display with Ultrasmooth 120Hz Ratio Compatible with Samsung’s SPen color that offers excellent zoom performance. has an excellent Rear Camera with 5G connection speed.yours.

Powered by a high quality Qualcomm Snapdragon chip with high performance. It is one of the best mobile technology Samsung can offer you and if you are ready to have the latest technology in your pocket then it is an Android phone.

$ 1,200 on Amazon

 Google Pixel 6 Pro

The Verge

The unique design of Google Pixel 6 Pro, excellent software add-ons, excellent camera quality and solid performance from all over the world is a great phone already given an excellent rating in our complete review. With a screen that will match its design, this is Google’s flagship phone.

The main camera is similar to that of the best iPhone.And at $ 899 with a basic 128GB model, it outperformed its major competitors in price.

$ 899 Google.

 Apple iPhone 13


Beautiful Everyday Phone

With a 6.1-inch screen and two amazing rear cameras, the standard iPhone 13 is a reliable choice for most people. With this model, Apple promises better battery life, better cameras, and better durability than the Apple iPhone 12. It is not a much cheaper phone, but it is certainly a more affordable flagship option than the Pro siblings.

$799 by Apple’s store

$829 Amazon

 One plus 9,


Although not known as the OnePlus Apple or Samsung, the OnePlus 9 offers better performance at a much cheaper price than its competitors. It is powered by a Qualcomm 5G processor and has a good camera. If the high prices of the Galaxy S21 Ultra are not yours, this is a solid budget option.

$ 550 at Best Buy

$ 555 on Amazon

 Google Pixel6

For the first $ 599, the Google Pixel 6 is the best Android phone money available. In terms of design, functionality, features, and functionality, the Pixel 6 is a major step forward from its predecessor, the Pixel 5. The latest and greatest additions to Google’s advanced camera, Android 12, and the company’s internal Tensor chip.

$ 599Google.

Google Pixel 5A 5G.

With The best camera for its price

With a new low price of $ 449, Google’s Pixel 5A is Pixel’s best deal right now. In addition to the affordable price, the Pixel 5A offers excellent camera images, large screen size and water resistance.

This Pixel phone is a solid option that can take care of all your daily needs, and with its 5G speed, you don’t have to wait for your Netflix to show up for a shower while you wait.

$ 449 Google.

 Apple iPhone 13 Mini

If you like small, pocket-sized devices, this phone is for you. Starting at $ 699, it is the cheapest model in the Apple 13 price range. While the battery life of the iPhone 13 may not be long, this small Apple iPhone does not offer camera performance or processing power.

$ 699 at Apple store

$729 in Amazon

 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3


Best Flip Phone

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 looks like a flip phone and has a very nice design. This smartphone is one of our most popular clamshell phones. It features a 120Hz refresh rate, an “Aluminum” body, and flexible design that allows for photography and video recording. Patrick Holland of CNET says “probably the first phone you ever wanted to buy.”

$ 941 at Amazon

$ 1,000 for Samsung

 Sony Xperia Pro


Beautiful Creative Phone

At $ 2,500, the Sony Xperia Pro is not for everyone. You can’t go wrong. The Xperia Pro is actually one of four products: a phone, a camera monitor, a fast file transfer device, and a 5G live streaming and streaming system.

$ 2,000 on Sony

$ 1,798 at Amazon

 Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G


Best Pen Phone

If you are looking for a good budget phone that comes with a basic stylus and 5G support, the Moto is a good choice for the G Stylus 5. Mobile phones have a built-in app for taking notes and a pen that can be stored inside the phone to increase productivity. The phone has been designed with a triple rear camera, 128GB of internal storage and a powerful 4,000-mAh battery.

$ 400 for Motorola

$ 400 on Amazon

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