Jennifer Aniston Showed Her Makeup Free Look In Her Recent Instagram Post!

Jennifer Aniston goes makeup-free in her recent Instagram post. Aging and Wrinkles are something that cannot be hidden, not even make-up can do that. We have seen how our favorite celebrities are aging and their wrinkles are coming in front of the cameras but some are aging back.

They are in their 50s and 60s but still feel as they have just passed their 30s. It is not just them in make-up but also without makeup we can see them as young as they have ever been. Among such celebrities, Jennifer Aniston is the one.

Jennifer Aniston who is in her 50s but seems like in her 30s has always shown her glowing look. Recently the famous FRIENDS actress was seen in a no-makeup look and still rocking it. We have seen her in many types of makeup looks and with no surmise we can say that she always maintains these looks in her way, totally beautiful. Recently Jennifer has uploaded two photos on her Instagram handle where she had shown her no-makeup look to her fans.

Jennifer Aniston Recent Instagram Post

Daily Express

In the photos, we can see her skin glowing and her hair is shining. It was her post-shower picture where we can see her wrapped in a towel. She said that it was a bad hair day but it seems just the opposite.

In the first picture, we can see how her glorious skin was shining, her eyebrows were up, her hair was wet and open, it was blonde brown and a funky smile. In the second photo, we can see that she was smiling beautifully with the same look and her hair was looking amazing. She has not applied a single cosmetic product and still looking young as ever. We can see her cleavage that was wrapped in a white towel.

Jennifer Aniston has crossed over 39 million followers and 20000 comments on this single post. She has captioned these pictures with “okay! humidity…” and then some crazy emojis and then “let’s go…” with some fighting emojis. She has tagged lolavie in it. Lolavie is actually her own haircare brand that she has launched and entered into the business world.

Jennifer always entertains her fans by uploading some goofy and crazy pictures and videos from her daily life. She has recently uploaded a short video of her doing yoga which went viral and people loved it. She was on her yoga mat, stretching her legs and hands and posing some difficult posture. That video also featured her animated cat.

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